Wednesday, August 20, 2014


And just getting worse.

I love my team, but this is ridiculous now. I, like you, can't stand the way this club plays baseball.  The fan base, as much as we love the pinstripes, will stop showing up.  Sure, it's Derek Jeter's season and we need to cherish the moments with Jeet, but let's face it... Jeter has always been part of a winner, and it doesn't seem that way this year at all.  We're bad.

We have an expensive team that can't win.  What an embarrassment.  Is it Cashman's fault? The Steinbrenners? Nope. They got us the guys we needed.  Bottom line, the guys can't play and they sure as hell can't play together. They can't score runs.  They are absolutely horrible.

Let's not forget, we're playing the Houston Astros the last 2 games.  I'd love to say that they're not very good, but the reality is, we're not.

Michael Pineda pitched tonight.  He wasn't bad at all. In fact, you gotta feel alittle bad for the guy.  He went 6 innings, allowed 4 hits and 2 runs. The Yanks were up 2-1 until the 7th. That's when the Yankee pen, which is suddenly horrendous, forgot how to pitch.

David Huff gave up 1 run. Esmil Rogers gave up 2. Then, like clockwork... the Yankees had opportunities, but could not get a run in to even make it a competitive game.

The only 2 Yankee runs scored and it went like this:

In the fourth inning, Stephen Drew homered. It was a solo shot.  In the 5th, Jacoby Ellsbury singled on a bunt grounder ball back to the pitcher. Ichiro scored in the process.  But that was it.  No Rallies... no nothing.  We were 1-8 with Runners in scoring position. We left 10 men on base. TEN. Not 2... TEN. 

Pathetic.  When are we going to bench players that can't help the club? When are we going to make an example of someone, be it Kevin Long or Larry Rothschild and fire them. It's clear, the Yankees are ignoring the fans and Hal Steinbrenner when he said "step it up." It's a joke now... we're a terrible ball club. I didn't even want to write this... my heart isn't in it lately... sorry.

Final: Astros 5 - Yankees 2

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