Saturday, August 30, 2014


We've tried to be positive here at Bleeding Yankee Blue when it comes to my struggling New York Yankees, but there is a growing concern, and it's been out there all season.  This team, despite the hoop jumping and their will to "just hang on", is just not enough to get them to the playoffs and beyond.  That's it!

It was very sobering reading a friend's tweet about the Yankees, before today's game. Frank wrote:
Think about that for a second. The odds are stacked against this club in a huge number.  That's because no matter what the Yankees offer in games, be it great pitching or hitting... they CANNOT SCORE RUNS. That's terrible and that will be the collapse of the Yankees this season.  If you don't score, you can't win... bottom line.

Blame the major league hitters that cannot knock in runs on fundamental sac fly balls or blame the hitting coach, Kevin Long for overstaying his welcome and not breaking old routines. 

Long in my opinion, is no longer welcome in my book. This team's stale. It's clear there is just the same routines and nothing to shake this club. he won't butt in, but he should, because it's his job... but he doesn't.  The Yankee hitters are the same boring bunch they have been all season.  Yuk!

Today the Yankees had 1 hit in 9 innings.  It was an major embarrassment.  We played the Blue Jays... hardly a powerhouse, and once again, the Yankees pitching did a great job of holding the Jays to only 2 runs. Two runs... enough for even the Bad News Bears to chip away at. But not the mighty New York Yankees who are far from mighty.  One hit... Zero runs.  Kill me now, they suck.

Michael Pineda went 6 innings, gave up 7 hits and 2 runs.  On the flip side, the offense struck out 12 times against Blue Jays pitching and  left 5 on base. 

Mark Teixeira had the only hit... a double. But no one could knock him home. The End.

Do I still have hope? Not really.  Fans like winners, and despite the Yankees being in my blood since 1978, losers disgust me.  Harsh? Maybe... but here's the reality; do you want to limp into the playoffs on a second wild card and no confidence? OR... would you rather dominate and look like a powerhouse going into the playoffs, momentum rolling, confidence high.  I'll tell you what I want... and I know you feel the same. You want winners, not limpers.

Yes, the Yankees can do it... but here's my predictable prediction... they won't, because they're a sad bunch. And let's face it... this sad bunch doesn't deserve to be there. 

Final: Blue Jays 2 - Yankees 0

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