Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I was emailed by my friend Craig last night after the game.  He wrote:
"In the 8th when we had Ellsbury on 3rd with one out, Beltran grounded to SS and Ellsbury got tagged, then Prado singled next at bat. I was listening in on WFAN & Sterling mentioned that he would have sent Ellsbury too, main reason being that the SS could have thrown the ball away. But this is the big leagues! Very very low chance that the ball is going to get thrown away. If that was me, you hold Ellsbury so you have another chance at driving him in, which would have happened because Prado got a hit."

I was happy to read that someone was as annoyed as me.  With 1 out, there is no reason to send Jacoby Ellsbury.  The attempt was dumb.  Here's a question, how does a major league hitter NOT hit a nice liner over the infield.  Better yet? How you do not just sacrifice Ellsbury home on a fly ball to the outfield? What the Yankees did right then was truly disappointing.  It goes to show... their eye isn't on the prize.  They look like little league... it was dumb.

We had a shot last night. When Martin Prado tied it up 4-4, there was an energy seeping through the radio. The fans were electric. Sterling was on fire. It felt good.  Then... we shit the bed.

Chris Capuano went 5.1 innings, allowed 8 hits and 4 runs.  He did OK.  But it was later with the game tied that the pen disappointed.  David Robertson got the loss giving up 3 runs.  Hey, don't be unhappy with DRob, he's been outstanding this season, but it sucks.  Then again, you can't go after the pen... go after the offense. Again, Beltran can't make something happen with a man on third? Chump. That defines bad baseball.

The Yankee runs went like this:

In the 4th, Brian McCann hit a 2 run homer.  In the 6th, Prado doubled and 2 runs scored to tie it.  If the Yankees win, it's the hit of the game. Again and again though, I can't help but go back to that dumb play in the 8th. Huge opportunity... lost.

Beltran & Ellsbury... Chump & Dud. A new series... on YES.
Final: Astros 7 - Yankees 4

Come on Yanks... these are the Astros for Christ's sake.

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