Saturday, August 9, 2014


5 runs knocked in in the first inning. 5 more in the 6th inning. Oh, and Esmil Rogers is 2-0.  Not to mention, Derek Jeter is now 6th on the All-Time Hits list, tied with Honus Wagner with 3430. Think about that for a moment.  Honus Wagner is a baseball legend... and Jeet is tied with him for Hits all time.  Pardon my french, but that's fucking unbelievable.

The Yankees exploded in the Bronx tonight! 10 runs total. In the 1st, Carlos Beltran singled knocking in Jeter. Then Chase Headley walked with the bases loaded and another run scored.  Next, Stephen Drew singled, knocking in 1. Martin Prado then singled on a ground ball to second. 2 runs scored on a throwing error.

In the 6th, Carlos Beltran hit a grand slam. Drew then grounded out on a force out. In the process, Francisco Cervelli scored. Those are your 10 and notice the names attached to the explosion tonight; Drew. Prado. Headley. Rogers. There's confidence, there's that jolt... here come the Yankees!

As far as pitching tonight, Rogers went 5 innings giving up 4 hits and only 1 run. The Yankee pen did the best they could tonight, but gave up 5 runs throughout the night. Bottom line though, they held the Indians. Luckily, the Yanks were on fire tonight and able to keep scoring when they needed to. 

Yes, the Yankees won, but that's not the story of the night.  The story of the night is Derek Sanderson Jeter. You have to step back and really put Jeter's accomplishment into perspective here.  Look, for most of my life,  I've loved baseball.  I remember collecting cards as a kid and looking through my cards and holding highlight cards of true baseball legends of decades past.  Honus Wagner. Babe Ruth. Lou Gehrig.  These cards always had black and white pictures. Like this one I own below, a 1976 Topps card.

I remember reading the stats and I remember thinking, "My God, these guys are legends." I said it, never ever thinking that in my lifetime, that players would ever be in the top 5 of the All-time Hits list.  Well, it happened twice. 

The first time was with my childhood hero, Pete Rose... and it happened again with legend Derek Jeter tonight. 

For me, and probably for you, it's the greatest moment in Yankee history, as well as baseball history. For the boy from Kalamazoo who had a dream, he sure did accomplish many in his lifetime.  That's why he's a perfect role model. See it, do it. That's Jeter... simply the greatest and he still hasn't slowed down.  Congrats Derek, that's huge... keep going!

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