Thursday, August 28, 2014


(Courtesy: Bleeding Yankee Blue)
I did something I rarely do when I visit a city I've never been to.  I found the time to get to a ball game.  As a parent with a lot of children, there never seems to be time. But last night, I made time, and I'm glad I did.

(Courtesy: Bleeding Yankee Blue)
Yup, I went to Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park and saw the Riverdogs demolish the Greenville Drive.  In other words, it was the Yankees vs. the Red Sox... and the Yankees, or Riverdogs did good!

The crowd was tough.  I have to be honest, it was a bunch of people from New York in the city of Charleston for a Dogs game. We stuck out like sore thumbs.  I wrote to Mike O'Hara last night after the first few innings:

"We don't blend."

I got a "Hahahaha" right back at me. He knew I was joking. Just alittle humor of North meeting the South once again. I can tell you this though; The baseball knowledge among the fans was terrific, and they were a hardcore baseball crowd. It was the second to last game of the season, but it was intense and it was just good baseball.
I wanted the BYB readers to know I was there, and so I tweeted it.

(Courtesy: Bleeding Yankee Blue)
I'll tell you, there were 2 guys I really wanted to see live. Michael O'Neill, Paul O'Neill's nephew, and Gosuke Katoh.

(Courtesy: Bleeding Yankee Blue)
Both players are very talented and I believe we'll see them with the big club before we know it. Both didn't disappoint. Click on the score below for the box score. I even tweeted once again to the BYB audience that we're doing something real special on Bleeding Yankee Blue real soon with O'Neill:
Overall, the night was terrific. If you've never been out to see the Riverdogs play, you must go.  The park is great, the fans are real, and overall, it was a gorgeous place.  Oh yeah, and it's just great baseball.  I highly recommend it.

As we walked out of the Park, my wife said to me, "We've been saying we've wanted to do that for years. Now we can say we did." 

Damn straight.

Final: Riverdogs 8 - Drive 0

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