Friday, July 11, 2014


"I've been working on a rewrite. Gonna change the ending..."
 -Paul Simon: Rewrite

Emotionally, I'm spent.  No one tells you just how hard it is to be a fan, and then, when you're in it and your team can't win, it literally tears the guts out of you.  

As a writer, it's easy to see a vision and put it on paper... and if you don't like it, there's something called a rewrite.  In that rewrite, you change it around and make it perfect.  As a blogger, I'd love to give you the positive spin about our mighty Yankees every night and make it all sunshine and rainbows.  But there is nothing mighty about our Yankees and I can't.  It's now official... the rhythm, the momentum and the confidence is not there. We have lost steam because we've lost valuable players and drive.  We have injuries, we have age, and we look sluggish.  

Now, I applaud the ones that have contributed. They are playing their hearts out and I applaud them, but damn... this is hard.  I feel like we get a few wins only to lose more.  Running to stand still.  Running in quick sand... I could go on an on, but you get the point.

This is no way to honor Derek Jeter.  It's sad. It's disappointing and I often think about what Yankee brass is thinking these days.  Are the Steinbrenners ready to put their finger on the red button to dump Cash like Dr. Evil did to Mustafa?

Something needs to be done, but I have a strange suspicion that because the Yanks spent an absolute fortune this off season, their hands are now tied.  Making little deals, like Brandon McCarthy and Jeff Francis may be all they can do right now.  And I'm not saying those deals are bad... I'm saying that I'm afraid that big deal of David Price just may be impossible to pull off.

Anyway, there was a game tonight, and for the Yankees, who started out strong, we needed this one.  We have to beat the Orioles whenever we see them.  Any loss to them right now is devastating.  We just don't appear to have the talent to win... but we MUST beat division teams... that's a must.

The Yankees scored 2 early. Brian Roberts hit a solo shot, and so did Kelly Johnson.

1 problem; The Orioles scored 3 in 10.  A walk-off in Baltimore off of Adam Warren... who got the loss.

Hiroki Kuroda went 7 innings.  He only gave up 2 runs on 3 hits. 

Dellin Betances looked good, but then Warren came in, and got the loss. You have to ask yourself, what's Joe Girardi thinking? We have plenty of good options in the pen, including leaving Betances in.  Why did this loss happen exactly?

So yeah, if I could rewrite this one, I would, because it's clear, the Yankees just don't have it in them.  I'm sad a lot, and I'm focusing on other things these days.  If this club keeps losing, could I lose interest? You know, I'd like to think that I wouldn't. I've been a fan since I've been tiny and I know the team inside and out.  But nobody likes a loser... and Yankee brass needs to think real hard about our future right now.  As a fan, seeing the pinstripes is a beautiful thing... but the fans need to believe too, and I'm not so sure we are right now.  

I'm blabbing, sorry. I'm just speechless...

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