Thursday, July 31, 2014


Good question.  He's an outfielder, 3rd baseman, 2nd baseman and could be pretty valuable to the Yankees down the road.  Plus, you package him with Jake Arrieta and now we have something.   But for everyone that likes Emilio Bonifacio... here's what we know:

According to MLB Daily Dish:

"The Cubs are expected to trade Emilio Bonifacio by the end of the day, according to major league sources with knowledge of the situation. The Giants, Mariners, Reds and Orioles are among the teams with interest in the 29-year old, but it is unclear where he will be traded."

It appears the Yankees were never truly involved in talks with the Cubs about Emilio.  That could change of course. Cashman could offer a package that would "wow" Theo Epstein. I just don't see it though.  Plus, there was chatter that Bonifacio may go to the Royals:

"Bonifacio, 29, appeared headed to the Royals or Giants, according to scouting sources. The Royals are battling for a playoff berth in the American League Central and need a spark in their lineup with a speedster like Bonifacio in the spacious outfield of Kauffman Stadium."

That's from the Chiacgo Tribune.

And the Yankees? They don't appear to be in it. But to all you fans, a really smart choice!

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