Friday, June 20, 2014


Very good piece in the Chicago Sun Times about the Cubs and their "inability" to sign Jeff Samardzija to an extension.  Lord knows the kid is talented and everyone in Chicago likes the guy, because ultimately, he's a leader, and a gamer and a good starter.  Hey... we want him in the Bronx. How can we swing that?

The Sun-Times writes:

"This is the one that puts Theo Epstein on the clock to start showing results — and puts ownership and the business department on the hot seat to start showing the money to the baseball side that was promised when he was hired.

Because failing to sign their ace to a long-term extension is a setback to the rebuilding process in a way that failing to sign Matt Garza can’t touch for its impact. And regardless of the players the Cubs get in return, it’s going to be hard for even the Ivy League front-office guys to rationalize letting this guy go if he winds up pitching somebody else into the playoffs and finishing off an All-Star season.

You’re talking homegrown player. Prototype power-pitching body...."

Now look, I'm not going to sit here and try to trick you into believe that I know how I would sign Jeff if I'm the Yankees.  I'm not in on the meetings, but this is what I do know; I know the trade deadline is coming up and I am pretty positive that despite the negative aroma from the sports writers about the Yankees "lack of talent" on the farm, there is actually mad talent on the farm, and certain talent could definitely take a trip to Chicago so we can snatch up Jeff Samardzija.  If there is an opening, Cashman needs to swoop in and get him. Sure it's gotta be a reasonable deal, but we need to make the deal any way we can.

We need pitching, and sure, David Phelps has recently done his job and I tip my cap. Chase Whitley has as well.  Tanaka is a dream and Hiroki Kuroda has had more good moments than bad, but right now, this is what we have... CC Sabathia is still out and who knows if the guy will truly be ready in August, and Vidal Nuno isn't close to being a starter.  That leaves a hole ladies and gentlemen... that hole needs to be filled with a starter...namely, Jeff Samardzija.

Chicago is in turmoil trying to sign Jeff... the Yankees need to help them with that... maybe even take him off their hands.  It could cause mass chaos in Chicago, but there's a reason why Jeff hasn't signed yet... maybe he doesn't want to be there...

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