Saturday, June 21, 2014


Derek Jeter is the invisible man.  No, the fans don’t believe that, but some in the media do. They harp on his 1 home run. They rip him slightly for his .272 average...  I’ve noticed a turn of some in the media. The media that was so well respected by Derek Jeter himself for years is suddenly asking questions about our mighty Captain. Like, “Why did he wait this long?” and “Should he be moved down in the lineup?’ or "Is the farewell tour really necessary?" I mean, I understand the questions, after all, anytime you throw in the word "Retirement", people associate “Old” with it, and then the negative press begins... 

Many believe that this is not the farewell tour that they expected.  In fact, they unfairly compare Jeter’s tour to Mariano's tour.  Why? These are 2 different players.  They are 2 totally different tours.  And while we're on the subject, let's not forget, it was the media that drove the "farewell tour" mentality in the first place, not us, but we fell into the trap. It’s been suggested that the Jeter tour “doesn’t seem right” by some. It’s been suggested that it’s “not as gratifying”. Really? How about we let the guy play. How about we leave him alone. I mean, even Jeter said at one point this season, "Stop calling it a Farewell tour." I like that!

Derek Jeter should be celebrated, no matter what. Having headlines suggesting that he “may not make the All-Star team” are unnecessary and ridiculous.  If Jeter doesn’t make the All-Star team, it's because Jeter knows he doesn’t deserve it.  That’s our Captain, trust me.

Derek Jeter is a leader.  He will go down in history as one of the greatest New York Yankees ever.  All that applies.  But retirement is a bitch and much like the Baby Boomers would describe the last playing days of Mickey Mantle, it’s painful to watch how Jeter is portrayed. 

The media takes shots in their headlines.  Headlines that make me NOT want to read further. It’s negative and it’s ironic that they’d turn the way they have. After all, this is a guy that let writers in on his entire career. It should be about respect, about positive press at this point, not about getting clicks. It’s sad. Check out some of these headlines:
Can Derek Jeter turn it around this .272 season? Well, if anyone can, it’s him and we the fans know that.

Let’s not forget his .270 season a few years ago.  I bring it up because the media jumped all over the guy in 2010. They said “it was over.” They said “he was no longer good.  They all printed it.  BYB didn’t.  BYB stood by the Captain because we knew it was nothing more than a slump.  The next season Jeter batted .297 and in 2012, he batted .316. Who's finished I asked? And all those who said it was over suddenly disappeared and stood around him in the locker room like it never happened.  What a bunch of crap.

These days, they’re doing it again, suggesting Jeter looks tired.  When the “R” word is spoken, something happens to the press, to some of the fan base. It’s a mental, psychological thing. “Old" and “Retire” go together. Derek Jeter is in the last season of a long career at shortstop.  He wasn’t a closer who played in 64 games a year. Some suggest that maybe last season should have been his last. Some look at Jeter and ask maybe he should have kept it close to the vest until the end of 2014… you know, retire then.  Whatever the case, we’re in it and we as fans are hoping Jeter rebounds. Why? Because we love him, we just don’t like to see what’s happening to him, now happen.  

Is there a solution? Who really knows.  Sure, we could move Jeter out of the 2 spot, but will they? I mean, it could be the right thing to do and it could change the whole dynamic of the lineup for the better. But that’s another post for another time. Jeter isn’t weighing down this team like some say. We have hitters, we’re just not hitting consistently, and for the record, he's our leader and his presence alone is still incredible to this day.

Look, Jeter’s 2nd in the lineup because he still has it, even Girardi has faith. Plus, it’s a respect thing.

Whatever the case, enough’s enough with the nasty media taunts.  This is Jeter we’re talking about. This is a guy that’s been in the right place at the right time for years, and I believe big things will happen in his last year.

We need to back the Captain, not walk away from him. As fans, you root. He’s given us so much for so many years… rally ladies and gentlemen.  Let the Captain know he’s not an invisible man. Remind him, and the press, that Derek Jeter is a champion. We owe him that.

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