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There's been alot said about Derek Jeter this season. Mostly negative or critical and mostly from the press that was respected by him for 20 years in the Bigs.  He never shied away from reporters and was always respectful to them.  But the reporters also knew Jeet was loyal to his team and rarely gave the press anything.  It was a positive give and take all these years, but now, there seems to be a need to write about him in the negative because Jeter isn't having the season of his life.  Well, he's retiring this year... I'm not sure many of us expected him to his .350 with 30 home runs.  We understand his limitations.  We get it.  And that's why you read BYB.  We give it to you from a fan perspective. Sure, we have our concerns, but we're fans.  Why blast a guy that's given us so much all these years?  We love him.  Unusual headlines have been all over the place.  Not exactly headlines respecting the Captain. Here are 2 headlines that I read and thought, "Um... ok."

Derek Jeter's Struggles Show He's Making the Right Call in Retirement- Bleacher Report

5 best Derek Jeter retirement signs — so far - The Star Ledger 

Look, this is the Captain's last season. We, as fans of the Yankees and writers of BYB have an obligation to the team and to the Captain, but if there is something we don't agree with... we WILL give it to you straight.  We're not haters, we're just about common sense here. I think that's why you read BYB.  Read THERE IS NO TOMORROW! It's a comprehensive, constructive piece on the Captain by Mike O'Hara.  We love Derek Jeter, we just want to see him succeed. Did you ever think that recently Jeet had Zimmer on his mind? Did you ever think that maybe it's tough to get back from an injury like he had back in October 2012? It takes time, Jeter's human, but yes, in the end, Jeter will succeed. He always has.  Last night the Yankees swept the Seattle Mariners, and most of it was because of Jeter. Trust me, he's coming around. 

Don't count Jeter out yet ladies and gentlemen.  Understand his struggles last season trying to get back.  Understand that sometimes it takes a bit longer to get rolling, especially with the injury he had.  I am hoping he's rolling now.  The Yankees sure are... 3 in a row IS a winning streak.  I like that.

Chase Whitley went 7.2 innings last night.  He only gave up 5 hits and 2 runs.  He looked great and I tip my cap to this guy.  He was asked to take the ball and fill in as a starter and he's done it... no pressure, just good pitching.  Read CHASE WHITLEY: KEEP CALM & PITCH ON.  Suzie nailed it.

The pen followed with Matt Thornton and Shawn Kelley and DRob got Save number 16.  I appreciate DRob there. He's filling his role wonderfully.

But back to the Yankees offense and Derek Jeter for a moment.  That was the story. Jeet was 3-4 last night. 2 RBIs, 2 runs scored.  But it all started with Jacoby Ellsbury in the 1st who cranked out a homer to get things going.  It was a 2 run shot. In the 3rd, Alfonso Soriano doubled knocking in 2. In the 4th, Jeter singled knocking in Brian Roberts and John Ryan Murphy.

Ultimately, we needed the Captain to wake up.  Ultimately, we needed the Yankees to sweep on the West Coast. It was very important and absolutely necessary.  Face it ladies and gentlemen... it's June 13th... we need to start winning.  This is a nice start... it really is...

Final: Yankees 6 - Mariners 3

Don't count the Captain out...

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