Thursday, June 19, 2014


When you have a job, it is easy to look for a job.  At least, that is what people who look for greener pastures say when they get the itch to move on to something new.  Perhaps, Jimmy Rollins is ready to entertain some greener pastures in the Bronx.  The newly crowned all-time hit leader "left the door open to the possibility" of a trade, according to Jim Salisbury of following his recording breaking night on Saturday against the Cubs.  I guess that's the first step to changing uniforms and perhaps even leagues.  Will Rollins make a difference in New York?  I'm not sure for the better.  I think he is pompous and self-centered.  I also think he doesn't offer much in the way of leadership and frankly, we don't need that.  We are rebuilding and now as we enter the second half of June, about a month before the All Star break, we are gelling as a unit.  I see red hot bats in Brian McCann, Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter and Jacoby Ellsbury. And perhaps equally important, I see this synergy between veteran and rookie players.  I don't want to see that get wasted with a trade for a veteran shortstop who has shown me drama much like that of Alex Rodriguez. 

Rollins, who passed Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt atop Philadelphia's hit list Saturday, told reporters that he would consider waiving his no-trade rights if the last-place Phillies "blow everything up," according to  Blow everything up?  Really, Jimmy.  Frankly, the Fightn' Phils have not done much since they "blew everything up" in 2009.  Sure, they won it in 2008, but since 2011, they have hung out toward the bottom of the National League East.  They have a lot of veterans who have not done much to move their team forward.  That kind of record could give a group a players a bad attitude, but that kind of behavior is for little leaguers not major leaguers, especially those who hold multi-million dollar contracts like Rollins.

So, as Rollins contemplates a move to another team, another challenge and another city, I keep my fingers crossed that the Yankees are not in his sights.  Not interested, Jimmy, but I would consider pitcher Cole Hamels and perhaps your counterpart, Chase Utley.  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Phils owner, David Montgomery stated that "the idea of trading either player (Rollins or Utley) this summer is complicated." Complicated for him, maybe, but for me, it is very simple- Utley is in and Rollins is out. 

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
Twitter: @suzieprof


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