Saturday, June 7, 2014


I say that affectionately.  I do NOT hate David Phelps, but I am positive he is not a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees.  By the way, that's not a bad thing, it's just reality.  Now I know that Suzie Pinstripe is going to get all up in my grill because she loves the dude and I am not here to fight with Suzie... she'll easily rip my head off. My point is, why force it, Yankees? Just let Phelps dominate in the relief role and let's move on. It's better for him, for his confidence... and it's sure as hell better for us.

Now, you can't blame David for starting.  What happened to our rotation is pathetic and it also came out of nowhere. So, when the Yankees asked David Phelps to take the ball and be a fill in starter, of course he wouldn't say no. It's an honor and sure, he thought he was up to the challenge, I applaud that. One problem though. I just am not sure that he's a starter.  Neither do several of the Yankee faithful:
It's crazy.  But I am not alone.  Now just to repeat, there is no hate here.  Phelps is alright with me. I just know what I see and what I've been seeing for a few years now.  I know what starters are capable of. I also know how to make dominant relievers.  Phelps can be one. No... not a long man, I mean a dude in 1 inning, maybe 2, coming in, pounding the plate and getting out of there.

Tonight the Yankees lost and alot of it was due to Phelps and his appearance. He was just not good.  Phelps went 5.2 innings.  He gave up 10 hits and allowed 7 runs.  Now, I'd love to suggest that one bad outing isn't good enough to rank on David Phelps, but this isn't 1 bad outing.  Phelps does this from time to time... sadly for me, I only remember the bad ones, because when they are bad ones, his body language is different. He looks like he's over thinking.  There is too much going on.  Sure, blame the Yankees as a whole. With the lineup we have, we should be winning 162 games. But Phelps pooped the bed big time tonight, and he's been exposed.

The Yankees scored 4 runs in Kansas City tonight.  In the 6th inning, we scored 3. Carlos Beltran doubled driving in 1. Then Yangervis Solarte singled driving in Mark Teixeira and Beltran. We didn't score again until the 9th when Brian Roberts grounded out but knocked in Solarte in the process.  Other than that ladies and gentlemen, the Royals were out of reach. 

Now over the next few days we'll have different opinions on Bleeding Yankee Blue about David Phelps and what should be done. But ladies and gentlemen... this loss is pinned on David.  And you know what? He's such a stand up guy, he'll take the heat for it as well. Love that. Phelps is a Yankee, he's a good one. A good guy and a good pitcher. The trouble is, he's not a starter... he's just not... and that's OK, it really is.

Final: Royals 8 - Yankees 4

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