Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The Yankee world has been turned upside down.  Suddenly we all know what is needed to fix our club. We all have the answers. It's is unbelievable to think that nearly 60% of our rotation is KO'ed and while we can still hit and score runs... we can not pitch. We have no confidence, we have no true leader...we have no Mr. Miyagi.

All of it is a bunch of crap, and I mean that respectfully to all the fans, me included.  We are spoiled brats who have it in our minds that if we stack our lineup with "superstars" we will never lose.  Well, that's not how baseball is played.  Baseball is played with pure guts, heart, confidence and believing in yourself... not just talent. It's true... the Yankees should not have lost to the Mets last night.  On paper, that would make sense... but we did.  Do we fire Joe Girardi? No... why would we?

Should we ship out Preston Claiborne and Matt Thornton because they let up runs to put us behind after we were up 7-4? Nope. Again, why the hell would we do that?  Do we suck it up and realize that it's a 162 game season and it's May 13th? Um... yeah.  Baseball is a long season... we will be fine.  This is a bump in the road. We are the mighty Yankees... we will survive. But we  need someone to step forward to take the reigns and show us the way... we need our own Mr. Miyagi.

Look, last night we started out great.  Brett Gardner hit a grand slam and we were on our way.

In fact, in last night's game, Derek Jeter and Yangervis Solarte each had 3 hits.  Jacoby Ellsbury and Alfonso Soriano had 2. We were hitting well.  But something happened.  The Mets kept on coming and as shocking as it was for me, it was for you:

The Mets scored 1 in the 5th, 2 in the 6, 2 in the 7 and 3 in the 8th.  Suddenly we were behind and the Yankee pen had imploded. The Mets poured it on.  We stood there and couldn't stop them.

The good news is we scored 7 runs last night. The bad news, we had no defenses, we were helpless.  It was like Danny Larusso in Karate Kid. No... not at the end, but in the chase to the fence.

We got our asses beat. Luckily for Danny, in the shadows stood Mr. Miyagi to right the ship, defend him and build him up... and get him some confidence.

Well, where is our confidence in Yankeeland now? Where is our Mr. Miyagi?  Where?

Final: Mets 9 - Yankees 7

We win today... we win the rest of this week. Time to dig deep.

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