Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I must admit....I love and hate the Subway Series at the same time. It can bring out the nasty side sometimes of New Yorkers. At the same time though, it brings out a lot of fun and laughs. You take the good with the bad I suppose. I am always a competitive spirit so I can dish it out and take it too.

But honestly....what is it about the Subway Series that brings out new faces that you have never interacted with before? Seriously! I don't know if it is just me but man suddenly it feels like the Mets fans are surrounding me. It's weird, those who lay dormant during the winter months suddenly come ALIVE in May. Today is a perfect example.

There is a little wannabe New York deli near work that I like to go to on my lunch break. I say wannabe because let's face it, you just can't replicate a good New York deli all the way in the desert. Anyway, there is Mets and Yankees memorabilia hanging in the small but cozy restaurant. Mets and Yankees are represented in their own sections, and of course the memorabilia doesn't actually touch each other.....the owner actually thinks that is bad luck. Anyway! The owner is a Mets fan, one of the managers is a Yankee fan. They were both working today and I don't really have long conversations with them but when I stopped in today of course that conversation went a little something like this.

Owner: Hey, it's the Yankee girl!
Me: Yup, I am that humble creature standing in front of you. (I had to make a joke out of it)
Manager: Thank goodness, I am tired of listening to this guy here YAP about one game of the series.
Owner: Two against one now? That still won't help. Together you guys probably hit like your beloved Yankees.....which is not well.
Me: It's only the first game, we still got this!
Manager: He already has his broom ready, honey
Owner: Yup, time to sweep again!

Now before today...things weren't nearly this competitive. Still the best place to grab lunch from though. Point being...the Subway Series brings out the feisty side of us!

Then on the other side of things, I am running into people virtually that I have never met in person! There is a Yankees / Mets rivalry community that I absolutely love to spend time in. There are some people that have been in there for a very long time and we can rag on each other all in good fun. Today, suddenly all of these new faces are there! Who are these people?! One of them actually caught me off for a second. I got a private message from one of them that went a little something like this:

Mets fan: Hey, I didn't know you wrote for a Yankee site.
Me: Yup, and I love it.
Mets fan: Well, I just read some of your stuff.
Me: Thanks for the read.
Mets fan: I would read more if it were about my team. LOL. I might read more after we sweep you.
Me: Too early to break the brooms out, don't ya think?
Mets fan: No....we did it last year and man your team sucks. Have fun missing Mariano Rivera.

And I will just leave it at that. Why does this happen more around this time of the year?!
Oh and if that isn't enough, a non-Mets fan suddenly jumps on the bandwagon at work.

Phillies fan: Good morning, Jeana.
Me: Good Morning! What's up?
Phillies fan: The Mets record.
Me: -___- Really? You are a Phillies fan.
Phillies fan: I am also an "anyone but the Yankees fan" because you ruined my 2009 repeat.
Me: Well that is just lame. Worry about your Phillies and don't be a traitor.
Phillies fan: No more lame than your Yankees.

Come on now, Yankees! I need you to start kicking some ass and taking some names because otherwise this four game series will stretch all the way until the end of May if not longer. This is just the beginning of it because my dad the Mets fans hasn't done his worst teasing yet! Stay tuned for that one because it is worth its own story.....until then I am still Bleeding Yankee Blue and you should be too!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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