Friday, May 30, 2014


My seven year old son loves sports. On Saturdays, he wakes up extra early to make it to the local rec center. There he runs drills all morning, and plays games all afternoon. Right now it's hockey. During the summer, they will play baseball. Sports has really become his passion. I love it! I love that he enjoys, and understand sports as well as he does. I love that he is getting the benefit of playing on a team. He's making tons of friends, staying active, and learning valuable lessons he will take into adulthood.

Recently he came home and penned a letter to his Coaches. It reminded me of how important a coach is in the life of a young child. 

Dear Coach,

Thank you! Every Saturday I am up at 6am. I eat my food, get dressed, and head to the Rec Center. I run drills, and hang out with my friends, and play. And every Saturday you are there to welcome me. 

You never get frustrated when I am too short to make a basket. You told me to keep trying. You believed in me, until I believed in me. And when I finally made a basket, you cheered louder than anyone. Well, I think my daddy, and mommy were a little louder, but you were a close second. You picked me to be the goalie on our hockey team. I'm the smallest kid! I told you I thought one of the bigger kids should do it, but you put the helmet on my head and told me to focus. It was cool! I stop 4 out of 6 goals last week! I could be a NY Ranger if I wanted to.

Next, we're going to play baseball. That's mommy's favorite sport, so she might be a crazy bleacher mom. But don't be afraid, she means well. I want to play center field, like Curtis Granderson. Or any outfield position. I don't have a great arm, but I know you can teach.

Coach, what I'm trying to say is, you're awesome! You are patient with me, and you even let my little brother play. He is still too little to get it, but he feels like he is part of the team, and it makes him happy. You remind me of what my mom always says... it's important to learn, but more important to have fun. And we always have fun. Some of the other coaches that have come are mean, and their teams always look sad. We might not always win, but at least we enjoy ourselves. So thanks, for being awesome! Mom says you are teaching us a valuable lesson, and I appreciate it! 

-RJ Morales 

From every mom and dad, to every awesome coach out there... the ones that take time out of their day to motivate these kids, to teach them, while making sure they have fun, we thank you! Childhood is so short, and fragile. Knowing that people like you exist in the lives of our kids means the world to us. 

Thank you!

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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