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When he played for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (near the 5 Freeway, close to Disneyland, of Orange Country, about 50 minutes from San Diego) I referred to him as “Kendrys Bad Company”. It seemed he would always make a fruit smoothie out of any hanging fruit an unfortunate Yankee pitcher might toss over the dish.  I hated seeing him step to the plate in the Bronx because I knew he was always a dangerous hitter. He has serious pop. He can spray the ball to all fields and he has a fairly good eye…or he did anyway. Since moving to Seattle I have to be honest, I haven’t heard much about Kendrys Morales. By the way that’s also a heads up to Robinson Cano.

Robbie, your new home is also where the Federal Government puts most of those who are in the Witness Protection Program. Good luck with that, sport. By I digress…

The recent question for the New York Yankees is should they sign the once up and coming DH/1st baseman. My answer is an ABSOLUTE Yes! Look, I am, to date, wrong about Tex being an absolute bust, but he does still have a wrist that may be held together by spit and tape. He has been putting up good power numbers, but has also needed time on the DL.

As of this minute Tex is in limbo wondering if the recent soreness in his surgically repaired wrist will subside. That question CANNOT be answered with “We’ll go ahead and pencil Kelly Johnson in at 1st.” No, no you won’t. I feel bad for Johnson. He gives it all he has, but he is a true 2nd baseman and has not cut the mustard playing 3rd or 1st. The Yankees need a true backup plan and Morales could be it.

Now if the Yankees sign him prior to the draft they would sacrifice the 55th pick. I am also certain that Morales won’t come cheap, as other clubs may get involved to drive up the price on the free agent. Hey, it’s supply and demand and Kendrys’s people are holding the cards. I wish the Bombers would have held on to Mark Reynolds or Lyle Overbay (both in Milwaukee now) but they didn’t. But the bottom line is that Morales is better than both of those former Yankees…by a great deal offensively. Why wait? Get the young man signed and let him start punishing pills over the fence. The guy is a switch hitter. He can ACTUALLY play 1st and the Yankees need some more pop…ASAP.

I never want to be one of those fans that just look to throw money at a problem. I wish to hell we could bring up a Big League ready prospect to do what Kendrys can. But the sad fact is we can’t at this point. The Yankee Farm system is filled with not yet ripe players. It's time to pull the trigger. If we lose Tex again or Beltran is done for the year the Bombers will be nearly out of Bombers. This deal makes sense and Morales is still fairly young. Yes, we could keep putting Murphy behind the plate and enact the McCann to 1st base plan early, but why? Let Mac catch, let Murph learn and develop and go get Kendrys now! This way he can be “Bad Company” to the rest of the league and not in the Bronx.

** This one is for Mr. Morales. Dial the phone, Cashman…before someone else does.”

--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
   Twitter: @mikeyoh21

"Paulie was always my favorite player."

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