Thursday, May 8, 2014


Remember when Ronnier Mustelier was "a thing"?

I remember him kicking ass for the Yankees in Spring Training in 2013 and I remember then, Bleeding Yankee Blue was supporting him and wanted him to come up.  But when Spring Training was over, the guy got hurt and literally fell off the face of the earth.

We wrote about him on BYB in 2013.  We wrote LET RONNIER MUSTELIER PLAY THIRD BASE!, writing "The bottom line is that the Yankees need a good bat and Ronnier can provide it. He has experience playing the outfield in the minors and played third base in Cuba, read that HERE. He is definitely versatile." 

Then, once hurt and then recovered, we updated the BYB audience in A MUSTY REPORT ON MUSTELIER? writing "...the fact that he is 28 years old may prove to be a limiting factor in how long the Yankees may choose to invest in him. They may choose to use him as trade bait, for a team in need of a good-hitting third baseman with decent defense skills. With their current wealth of infielders, it may be the Yankees’ best play. If nothing happens by the trade deadline, look for him possibly to come up in September for his first exposure to the major leagues, which will give scouts and Yankees management a look. Either way, this kid is someone to keep an eye on."

But the fact of the matter is, while we made alot of sense... we hadn't kept a close eye on him at all.  The Mustelier fan base kind of disappeared and support for him did too.  In fact, Chad Jennings of LoHud wrote in his latest piece, that Mustelier's days in pinstripes are in fact over:

"Mustelier was never the guy at the top of the pecking order. He didn’t hit for much power this winter, wasn’t invited to big league camp this spring, and despite a .314 batting average in Triple-A — again, without much power — the Yankees decided to release him this week."

So there you have it. Despite the build up... nothing.  There's clearly a log jam of players "better" than Mustelier in the Yankees system and no opportunity for him was with the big team. And once again, a kid the Yankees were grooming to be the next big thing... is gone...

and Jeana Bellezza will surely be pissed when she reads this...

Cover your ears... you may hear her scream...

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