Thursday, May 29, 2014


Everyone once in a while we here at Bleeding Yankee Blue will be showing you some great video shots that are floating around in baseball.  It can be highlights of funny videos from baseball fans or whatever.  And we will do it from time to time just because it may seem silly to write an entire post about one video.

So we start today... check these out:

First up, here's a fan at a Chicago White Sox game grabbing a thrown baseball bat into the stands... It's a damn nice grab!

Next up,the old Home Run Derby show. This episode is the entire show. It was Mickey Mantle vs. Jackie Jensen. I remember when I was a kid, they played these for a short time on TV. That was in the 80's and the reruns didn't last long, but it was cool if you were a baseball fan like me. Check it out:

The next one is Jacoby Ellsbury's 10th inning homer against the Chicago White Sox last week. I loved this hit... I thought John Sterling's call was ridiculous though...

This next video is someone called Duck Bannister. I think guy is hilarious and over 300 people do too. He's witty, and he's fast. He's also gonna be something. Whatever this is... I like it and I want more of it.

The last video in my first post of Video Patrol is a video I made in college. Yup, it's a highlight video I edited in 1993 when I was pretty obsessed with the Yankees. Bob Wickman. Bernie Williams. Steve Farr. Don Mattingly. Dion James. I hope you enjoy it:

I hope you like this installment of the BYB Video Patrol.  Tell us what you think. Based on popularity, we may do it more often.

Go Yanks!

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