Monday, May 19, 2014


Well, if you heard a buzz today about CC Sabathia... I'm here to confirm it for you.  CC will be out until July, that's 6 weeks according to the Yankees. I'm suggesting he'll return the beginning of August... or not at all.  Why? Because I've been along long enough to know how the Yankee machine works, and I know that they buy time and put out releases giving time tables that they don't honor. It's just the way they operate, it's just to keep the fans at ease. I mean, let's be honest, with a knee injury, can you truly put a time table on it? 

So yeah, all this does is give the Yankee fan base a time table, but the reality is, there is some seriousness going on with CC Sabathia and his right knee and they aren't gonna throw the guy out there if he is NOT 100%. That could damage a potential playoff run for the Yankees and could shut him down the following season. 

We've seen it with Derek Jeter. We've seen it with Mark Teixeira... now we see it with CC.

Anyway, enough of my opinion, here's the report, coming from the New York Post:

"CC Sabathia will be out until at least July, Brian Cashman told The Post. It will be no sooner than six weeks from now,' Cashman said in discussing a potential return date for Sabathia.

Sabathia received a stem cell treatment injection in his inflamed right knee from Dr. James Andrews late last week. Cashman said the Yankees were informed that if the process works, it would be a minimum of six weeks. Which means the Yankees would be without the lefty until July."

Personally, my oldest son and I are saddened by the news because we love the big lug, but now this opens the door for a new arm in the Yankees rotation this season.  Expect the Yankees to sign another pitcher via trade real soon.  Trust me ladies and gentlemen... it's coming.

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