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I’ve just about had it with the DEFENSE OF ROBINSON CANO nonsense. What’s even more frustrating is that those banging the Pro Cano Drum the loudest are Yankee beat writers. Why? It’s because by and large those who make their living covering the Bronx Bombers hold themselves above the Yankee fans and the organization.

They are snarky, self-important pseudo intellectuals who are becoming increasingly arrogant. It’s a sad truth, ladies and gents. Look, I don’t want a gaggle of writers pushing Pro Yankee propaganda, but this crop of paid naysayers are really too much. I can get a better take on the Yanks from the men and women covering the Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles beat.

One of the most glaring recent examples comes for ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand. Andy decided he needed to respond to a passage in Mariano Rivera’s new book “The Closer”. According to Rivera, Robinson Cano possesses unlimited ability and talent. However, the future Hall of Famer doubts Robbie’s heart, hustle and drive to be great. He goes on to praise Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, and says that he’d rather have Pedy in a big spot. At the end of the day this is Rivera’s well-educated opinion and nothing more. He was around Cano a good deal and saw him more than most. But that didn’t stop Marchand from writing a post saying Mo’s opinion was WRONG. What? It’s the man’s opinion, how can it be wrong. It simply may differ from someone else’s, but opinions aren’t definitively right or wrong.

Marchand immediately goes to the numbers game. He throws out stat after stat proving (in his mind anyway) that Cano is the better choice in a big spot, and this is just more unfair criticism of Cano by former teammates, the organization and the fans. That is just not true in my opinion ** NOTICE I WROTE: IN MY OPINION**.

The truth is Pedy does play with more heart. He is more of a competitor, and if we are going by the numbers game I guess we’d all take a young Alex Rodriguez over a kid named Jeter in a big spot too right? I wouldn’t. See that’s the thing that most writers seem to miss or put no value in. Heart can’t be measured on a stat sheet. I don’t care what the sabermetric whiz might tell me after punching the keys on his calculator. What Dustin doesn’t have in natural ability he doubles in the intangibles? He is a great baseball player, but is also fueled from years of people telling him what he can and what he can’t do. Well, we see how that worked out. He is my pick over Robbie in a big spot.

The way Jeter is over ARod. And the 4 men have similarities. Two are “Heart and Soul” guys and the other two are “Me First” types. That’s not an unfair statement. It’s not evil to play for the money and I am not a class warrior. But don’t try to mask your desire for the big contract with a pity party. That’s where the fans will see right through you. Bottom line is that I agree with Mariano and it’s not personal.

Can we stop looking at Robinson as a victim of the  cold, heartless Yankees never really wanting him back? It’s really unfair. Cano is absolutely in love with the lifestyle being a Jay Z client brings. It is not a crime to want to be a famous athlete and party with the A list. That IS what Robbie desires most. It’s ok to say it. It’s ok to write it. It’s fairly obvious.

Not everyone is a Pete Rose type player. Baseball is secondary to Cano. It doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. Taking the Mariners 240 million was a good business decision. The fans should give him that. But Robbie should see that the average fan, who loves his or her team feels slighted. And the Yankee beat writers should let it go already. Cano is naturally gifted. He does loaf a bit because baseball comes easier to him and he plays for the money and fame. Again, that’s not a crime. Pedroia is just built differently inside. He is the epitome of a “Gamer”. He is tenacious and will out work anyone. That’s what makes him great.

Again, I’m just tired of reading the personalities covering the Yanks turn their noses up at the fans. It’s getting old seeing them patronize and treat people like children on twitter. We get it, guys. You are better then all of us. We are uniformed; foolish, spoiled fans and you are clearly more intelligent and know the game front to back. How could we possibly dare to question your greatness? I mean why shouldn’t an Andrew Marchand put Mariano Rivera in his place. What the hell could Mo possibly know that you don’t about Robinson Cano or what it takes to excel?

Robinson Cano was a great Yankee. I don’t wish him ill. I didn’t like the boos that rained down on him when he came back to the Bronx, but he is not a victim by any means and it is what it is at this point. And said beat writer should get off his high horse and see that Pedy wants to be a baseball player and a champion. Robbie Cano wants to be a celebrity and a baseball player. I’ll put more stock in the opinion of the Greatest Closer of All-Time than the latest “expert” and his black and white stat sheet.

** Here's one for Andy...Yep, I'm punking him a bit. It's all good natured. He seems like a nice enough guy. We just disagree here.**


--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
   Twitter: @mikeyoh21

"Paulie was always my favorite player."


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