Wednesday, May 28, 2014


You know what? We were rolling with 3 in a row.  We needed to win a 4th.  Sometimes it's not fair.  But it is baseball. One day you look like superstars and the next, you're lost. We couldn't even score and we could barely pitch... that sucks.

David Phelps started.  He went 6 giving up 8 hits and 5 runs.  He was no way near great, and I know it sounds harsh, but while the guy is filling in in the starting role and doing the best he can, he continually gives me more reasons to just say, "cut the guy loose."  David Phelps is, and will forever be a middle relief guy.  I am not jumping on the bandwagon of "Phelps can be a starter."  That ship has sailed for me.

He's not a starter, but he is a very good reliever who can handle 3 innings... maybe 4 on a good day.  That's not supposed to be mean, it's supposed to be honest.  We lost the game because of David Phelps last night. Now, sure, we should have scored runs, we are the mighty Yankees, but the Yankee bats went silent too.  That doesn't help.

So sure, blame them too, but there was too much hype surrounding David Phelps and his homecoming, and the part that was glossed over was the part that suggests that he's not a true starter.  Again, no one hates Phelps, we just need the guy to perform in the correct role. It's like Phil Hughes all over again... anyway...

The Yankees had only 5 hits.  They also had 2 errors.  Talk about a sloppy night. There honestly isn't anything left to say about this game other than you put it behind you and come back stronger today.  We played bad... that's it.

Final: Cardinals 6 - Yankees 0

Come on Yanks... snap out of it!

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