Sunday, May 4, 2014


The Yankee game wasn't much to speak of today.  Neither was my kid's game.  Both CC Sabathia and my son took the mound for their teams respectfully.  Both looked different today on the mound.  Both didn't have command and both got knocked around alittle too much.  Both teams ended up losing today. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday. 

Momentum's a fascinating thing, isn't it?  If you play well, usually the rest of the team gets picked up and wants to play hard to win.  Sometimes if confidence is down, momentum never shows up. If the team senses you're alittle unsure of yourself, the team's energy is different. It's less. Hence, there's less will and determination to do anything big. Players become more complacent... and sometimes in those 9 innings, or in my son's case, 7... they just don't find that spark.

CC Sabathia went 3.2 innings today giving up 10 hits and 5 runs.  My son went 0.2 innings, allowing 4 walks, 4 hits and 5 runs. There were errors, there was a lack of energy and ultimately, there was a weird energy from both pitchers today.

Mike O'Hara, one of our BYB writers texted me as my own son was imploding and said of CC:  "He can't live at 88 mph. He looks great at times and lost at others."  Nailed it. But I was in my own hell, watching my own kid try to get himself together on the mound.   I read it as my son walked another and I felt like I was in some type of weird "Freakie Friday" Disney movie.  There was a parallel.  Both pitchers were doing the same thing at the same time. Was I on Candid Camera?

Then, more similarities...  Alfredo Aceves came in and pitched 5.1 great innings of work.  He looked like he never left the Bronx and ironically, my son's buddy Jack came in and did his own 70 pitch outing with ease. Both new pitchers tried their darn best to keep their teams in the game. Unfortunately, it was too late.  Neither team could score.  Neither team could spark a fire.  You know what?  That happens sometimes in sports. It goes back to momentum.  Bad energy sometimes doesn't always die. Unfortunately sometimes it festers. Today it did despite some terrific relief.

The Yankees only scored 1 run on 7 hits. Yangervis Solarte sacrificed scoring Mark Teixeira.  That was all.

And just to finish it off for you wonderful readers... my son's team only scored 3.  It's amazing how the world works sometimes.  These 2 teams were parallel at different levels, at the same time and had similar outcomes. It's weird, and it's unique. It's also baseball.  It's amazing to me.  You know what's also refreshing? It's only 1 game.  It's not the World Series and it's not the Little League championship... it's May.  Thank God.

We will survive.  I promise.

Final: Rays 5 - Yankees 1
Final: Them 14 - Us 3

We wake up tomorrow and do better. That's what champions do.

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