Monday, April 21, 2014


This post is a long time coming.  I spent pretty much the month of April analyzing the work of Brian Roberts and as I sat there watching another night of Yankee baseball a few days ago, Roberts was one home run shy of hitting for the cycle. When Roberts is healthy, he is productive but that is the key, staying healthy.  Overall, I’m happy with Brian Roberts at second because he brings with him passion, experience and grit, something we love here at BYB.

Firstly, there’s his passion.  There is fire in his meatball eyes and I like it!  His passion turns into hustle and his hustle turns into work ethic.  But, I know that I am perhaps in the minority when it comes to compliments for Roberts.  CBS Sports wrote, “a miserable season for Yankees second baseman Brian Roberts continued with his absence from the lineup for Game 1 of the Wednesday doubleheader against the Cubs with a back ailment.”  I would not say miserable, but again, I guess I am in the minority.  We have a number of Orioles fans reading BYB and many of them stated that they miss Roberts and wish him well.  They also agreed that he gets hurt a lot but when he is healthy, he is on.  I like his passion and I hope he stays healthy.

Secondly, he has experience and we need that on this Yankee team.  Sure, the Jeter-Roberts double play combo is one of the oldest in the major leagues, but who cares.  Jeter and Roberts have experience and leadership skills, beyond the field.  Having the intensity of Roberts on the team brings that added edge we need.  Veterans who have been there, done that really boost a team’s morale, so experience on the field and off is essential.  And, Roberts, when he gets on base, is a great base runner.  He hustles, he can run well and he knows the game well.  Perhaps one day he will make a great manager.

Lastly, there’s grit and Roberts has it.  Grit is passion and perseverance for very long term goals.  In Roberts’ case, it is a quest for a World Series ring.  Roberts has to push himself and sometimes even play through pain.  Joe Girardi spoke optimistically Wednesday in regard to Yankees second baseman Brian Roberts. He told Newsday that Roberts is merely experiencing back spasms and should be fine going forward,” stated CBS Sports.  Well, perhaps some rest did Roberts’ well because he came out fighting Thursday in the Yankees’ win over the Division rival Rays.

Passion, experience and grit all encompass our second baseman Brian Roberts and I am happy with that.

Keep up the good work, Brian and know that we are pulling for you to fight the fight and win!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Opinion Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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