Thursday, April 24, 2014


It turns out that Michael Pineda will in fact miss 10 games for his antics last night. In other words, suspension.  Obviously MLB is taking into account the pine tar neck situation as well has the pine tar on his hand the last time he pitched against the Sox, even though the last time people weren't sure it was pine tar at all.  Whatever the case, the suspension starts now. 

Now, Michael Pineda could in fact appeal and attempt to have his suspension reduced.  But to be honest, we know what it was, we know he did it, he admitted it.  I'm not too sure how he appeals, why he would and what good it will do. It will waste everyone's time. The Yankees are embarrassed, Pineda has egg on his face, or... er... pine tar... and life goes on. We're down 1 man in the rotation now, and I guess they can fill the hole with David Phelps in the meantime.

So what did we learn? We learned that if you're going to cheat, conceal it better.  We learned that pine tar, according to the "experts", and by experts I mean every single person on the planet that spoke out about this, can give you alittle grip.  We also know for a fact that it gives the ball better movement when it breaks.  Just so you know... that's cheating.  That's why Michael Pineda was suspended.  It wasn't because he didn't cheat well enough... it's because he cheated.

The story's over ladies and gentlemen.  Yankees vs. Sox tonight... let's get a W.

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