Saturday, April 26, 2014


Ivan Nova will go under the knife next Tuesday.  That came from the Yankees originally, but here is the report from, writing:

"Dr. James Andrews will perform the operation on Tuesday of next week (source: CBS New York). Nova has been sidelined since last Saturday when he exited his start because of elbow soreness.

This unsurprising news of course means that Nova will miss the remainder of the 2014 season and likely the early portion of 2015."

 I have a great idea.  We should have Tommy John go around the country to every pitcher who needs Tommy John Surgery.  He needs to walk into their surgery room right before they go under, sign a ball for them, shake their hand and collect a check.  It's fascinating to me just how amazing this surgery had been for hundreds of pitchers.  Actually, John recently spoke out about all the surgeries lately.  Watertown Daily Times wrote that John said:  "'It's unreal... and it's crazy that they would pick 2014 to be an epidemic year, it seems like guys are going down right and left.... Throwing pitches in the big leagues will not hurt your arm... It's what you did down the road when you were younger. ... In essence, the injury itself is a buildup of overuse. And not overuse as an adult, but overuse as a kid... What I would like to see these guys do, these surgeons and all, is ask all the guys who have had the surgery -- 'How much did you pitch as a kid and how often, and did you pitch year-round?' And nowadays, probably 70 to 80 percent of the pitchers today have been pitching 12 months a year since they were seven, eight or nine years old. And your arm is not made for that.'"

It's truly fascinating. Look, in the end, Nova will be fine. Nova will recover quickly and he'll be back before you know it. It is very interesting how many are happening these day though.

Good luck Ivan, get well soon.

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