Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The media speculation over how Robinson Cano would be received on his return to the Bronx was put to rest Tuesday night. He received a number of cheers, but really was met with mostly boos. Are we at all surprised by this? Usually, when a player returns to face the Yankees, they get a respectful cheer. But the circumstances under which Cano left made it clear he would not be welcomed. CC Sabathia struck him out in the first, and the crowd was ecstatic. The Bleacher Creatures added him to roll call, but then started a "You sold out," chant. The boos would continue with the rest of his at bats, and even some of his fielding plays. The surprise for me came when he hustled hard to first base. Granted, he was beat there by CC, and still called out, but he hustled. Where was that the previous 9  years? C'mon, Robbie! CC made it a point to pitch in to him, where the rest of the league has been pitching away. Welcome back to the Bronx, I guess?

Anyway, on this rainy day in the Bronx, the Yankees started off pretty well. CC's mechanics seemed to be on point. Mark Teixeira hit a single homer, his third of the season, in the second. Brian Roberts scores after an E2 by catcher Mike Zunino. The Yankees were up 2-0, until the 5th inning.

Don't know what happened to CC at that point. I feel like I blinked, and he was suddenly in a bases loaded situation. Started with the Mariners challenging a play, and it being over turned, and it all went down hill from there. Seattle would walk away from the inning having scored 4 runs. Top of the 7th would see Seattle scoring two more runs, one by our old friend, Robbie.

In the 8th, Cano's check swing was called a strike by the 3rd base ump, Andy Hamari. It was clearly a check swing, but you know what? It's cold, it's raining. Everyone involved wants to go home. But then in the bottom of the inning Teixeira's check swing was not called a strike. Mariners first base coach, Andy Van Slyke, was not pleased. Decided to exchange a few words with the Hamari, and earned himself an ejection.

Frankly, the shift was just not working in our favor tonight. Seattle seemed to have no problem scoring on us. Bottom line? They out played us tonight. You can't win games, if you don't score runs. Seems a bit obvious, but true nonetheless.

Final: Mariners 6 - Yankees 3

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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