Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I am growing sick and tired of the "hurry up and wait" of Michael Pineda.

First, he comes over from the Mariners in a trade for Jesus Montero.  Then he gets hurt. Then he comes back and then he gets hurt again and surgery is required. Then he makes it back and the story is glorious. "Pitcher fights his way all the way back." I was excited for him. 

Then the world sees pine tar on his pitching hand against the Red Sox. OK. Fine, maybe we were seeing things...

Then he's got a giant hickey on his neck the next time we play the Red Sox. "No wait," says Red Sox Manager John Farrell, "That's pine tar." Then Pineda gets suspended for 10 days. Then he pitches in Tampa this week just to stay loose while he's serving out his suspension and suddenly, he's hurt.

I'm not kidding.

News is that Pineda has a Grade 1 strain of his back muscle. I mean, Unbelievable. That comes from Meredith Marakovits:

Wow, Meredith is good, ain't she?

God. I feel like Robert DeNiro on Copland. We keep offering Pineda a chance... and he keeps blewing it!

I hope we finally see Michael Pineda pitch consistantly after all this crap... how about you? He better not turn into a dud.

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