Sunday, April 27, 2014


Were the chants deafening? No, no they weren’t, but they were certainly loud. Did the volume rival that heard for Paul O’Neill as he jogged to the dugout in game 5 of the 2001 World Series? No. Did you get the same feeling you might have experienced on Mariano Rivera’s final appearance in the Bronx? Not even close, but you know what? That’s Okay by me…and you KNOW it’s more than Okay with The Captain. It’s very early to be saying goodbye, don’t you think?

It’s true, Yankee fans have not gone over the top with emotional standing ovations for the iconic face of the franchise this season. And nobody has noticed it more than the face of YES, Michael Kay. The season has yet to crawl and Mr. Kay is already down on Bomber’s fans for not giving Derek Jeter more of a send off. It’s as if Michael believes he is the gold standard when it comes to respecting every Yankee legacy and tradition. I, for one, am growing tired of his act.

The truth is you CAN overload the player, team, organization and fan base with too many “This is the last time” moments and ceremonies. And the guy that wants them least of all is Jeter himself. One of the many reasons we all love the guy is because winning comes first. It’s about the game and the team for #2. It always has been.

I think after 20 years in the Bronx the fans have learned a thing or two about the kid from Kalamazoo. We will give him the send off of all send offs when all is said and done. If anyone, especially Michael Kay, believes otherwise then they don’t know New York.

The Mariano farewell tour was not at all what Jeet is looking for. He has said as much. And I certainly would rather watch the team excel and return to the post season with our Captain leading the way in a blaze of glory. I guess as long as we leap to our feet and scream for him every at bat Kay will be happy to watch the club slowly fade from the hunt… with Jeter wearing personalized cowboy boots and holding a fishing pole with Magic Johnson. Please.

I have gone back and forth on Michael as a Yankee broadcaster. THIS JUST IN…Michael Kay doesn’t know or care about the Yankees more than the fans.  I think he is a good guy and I KNOW he won’t be happy to see another 2013 type finish, but he needs to slow down with the criticism of the fans and how they appreciate Derek.

The truth is the fans that have been at the Stadium have been giving Jeter his due…there just aren’t as many fans in the stands. I could give the rundown of the Mohegan Sun mistake; ticket prices etc… but we all know that song and dance. It is what it is.  The new ballpark ain’t the old ballpark. It’s more of a really spiffy mall right now. It has it’s perks for sure and is beautiful to look at, but something didn’t make it across the street yet.

Derek Jeter is this generation’s Mickey Mantle. He is the New York Yankees and he WILL hear the chants at a volume that would drown out that given to Paulie, Mo and Andy.  I think Mr. Kay should understand that. We also know who our Captain is and how he wants to go out. Right now it’s the league’s chance to say goodbye. Here in New York we are saving our best for last…and with Jeter we know that will come in late October.

** Remembering how we sent off Paulie and anticipating how we WILL send off Jeter, here O’Neill’s walk up song. Yankee fans never forget. Thank you, Derek.**

--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
   Twitter: @mikeyoh21

"Paulie was always my favorite player."



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