Thursday, January 2, 2014


Nick Swisher has already spent a full season with the Cleveland Indians, but there is no doubt Yankee fans miss his energy and enthusiasm while he was with the Bombers. So, I thought I would visit his Twitter pictures like we've done with guys like Mark Teixeira, David Robertson and Curtis Granderson during the month of December.  So... here it goes... What's in Swisher's Twitter pics? We know...

First off, it appears that Swisher re-tweets more pictures than he actually posts himself in his Twitter feed.  Hey that's cool. It makes no difference for this exercise anyway.

Check out the first one. This one was from someone who found a great shot of Swisher playing ball back in college. 

Great shot and it's always cool to see these guys back in the day. I love this shot.

This is another RT of his lovely wife JoAnna Garcia.
JoAnna is gorgeous and I guess Nick wanted to pay it forward to his Twitter audience after JoAnna put it out there herself. These are 2 good looking people, huh?

Speaking of good looking people... they usually make good looking babies.  Back in June, the happy couple tweeted out this amazing picture of their daughter Emme, or Emerson Jay.
Sweet. Great age.  Again... that's a good looking kid!
Finally, this picture above was Tweeted by Swish last August.  It looks like he was running some kind of caption contest.   The dude is always making faces, so this isn't too surprising. It just goes to show the guy is just having alot of fun playing ball.  That's the way it should be.

Nick, nice pics and good job! We miss you in the Bronx, my man.

By the way, in case anyone missed it, we interviewed Nick here at Bleeding Yankee Blue a while back.  Be sure to click and read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NICK SWISHER.

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