Saturday, January 4, 2014


Look, logically it makes sense that the Yankees will try to move someone like Ichiro Suzuki. Why you ask? Well, after all the insistence that Brett Gardner isn't "going anywhere", and the trade value of a guy like Vernon Wells is much less than a guy like Ichiro... Ichiro is the logical trade chip.  It sucks for me personally, because I am such an Ichiro fan, but I get it.

Now look, this isn't a definite of course.  This is speculation by none other than Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. He's good like that. Who would be the Yankees' trade partner you ask? It's the San Francisco Giants... MAYBE.  Check it out:

"It’ll be interesting to see whether in the next few weeks the Yankees can move him. With Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Alfonso Soriano, and Vernon Wells also in a crowded outfield, Ichiro, who can still play defense but can’t hit at the level he used to, could be a functional player for someone. The Giants always remain a possibility."

Now, in reality... reading that from Cafardo, it almost seems like he's just thinking out loud while he's waiting at a hot dog stand for the guy to put some mustard on his dog. It's almost like it's in passing, so we'll see in the next few weeks what this is all about. It may in fact be nothing, but you know... this is the "Hot Stove" season, and plenty of guys like to throw crap at the wall and see if it sticks.  Personally, that's what I almost feel like this is, but Cafardo's been known to be right a few times here and there, so let's just wait and see what happens with Ichiro.

Stay tuned on this one...

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