Thursday, January 2, 2014


Look, when I mention Matt Garza's name, it's a mixed bag from all Yankee fans. Some like him, some don't. I like him, but the Yankees apparently don't and they apparently are not looking at him.  The Minnesota Twins ARE looking at him and I say who ever gets Matt Garza in the American League could have a pretty effective pitcher.  Now, people cringed when I wrote that, but I believe that in the American League, Garza is a good pitcher and if the Yankees looked to sign him as say, a number 4 guy, I know he would perform. You know, the American League East, the guys a competitor, former Tampa Bay Ray, etc. Trust me, don't count the stats he had with the Rangers going 4-5 last season. 

He was coming off injury and he was moved there mid-season after his time with the Cubs.  It was a comfort thing in my opinion, as well as disruption.  2014 could be the clean slate he needs.

Anyway, according to Darren Wolfson, the Twins are in "contact":
As my buddy Scott says to me every day this off season... Why the hell are the Yankees looking at Garza? I'm sure much like the Twins, years is a factor, but who knows.

I really don't know the answer, other than to suggest that they will throw all their money at Masahiro Tanaka and there is some type of truth to the rumor that they are looking at Ubaldo Jimenez too.

We shall see about all of them, but when it comes to Garza...

I roll the dice.

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