Tuesday, December 10, 2013


...Which will end up being Brett Gardner because he has a helluva lot more trade value than Ichiro.  That's just the reality of it and it's also just my opinion.

Look, I like when certain things happen in life:
  • I like when the Yankees have at least 7 starters and need to cut it to 5.  
  • I like when my meatballs cook all day in the gravy and they fall apart with the fork when it's time to eat 
  • And I like when the Yankees lie to me.  I like it because then I know exactly what's going to happen next...they'll do the opposite.
Every time the Yankees of Brian Cashman says 1 thing, something else happens and I know that.  One example, and this one is just sticking out in my head right now... it's when Cashman told Yankeeland and beyond that he wanted to give Jesus Montero at least 500 at bats for the Yanks in 2012.  Then, soon after, the Yankees traded him to the Mariners for Michael Pineda. Now Jesus turned out to be a dud, but that just showed me that they do a move in "the moment", it almost seems like a lie.

Now, there are benefits to lying. In some regards, when it comes to hot stove trades and signings, it throws other teams off the scent. But the bottom line is, now I'm on to Cashman and the Yankees and I believe that even though they know that Gardner has a better trade value, and Ichiro doesn't, they will claim to the press that Gardy ISN'T going anywhere and then in the dead of night, Gardy will be shipped to Texas or something.  I'm throwing Texas out there randomly right now, don't quote me, but you see my point.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.com writes: "The Yankees' current plan is to keep Brett Gardner and look to move Ichiro Suzuki instead.

The immediate speculation following the acquisitions of star outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran was that Gardner could be on the block since he'd have to move off center field, but while the Yankees may be receiving calls on him they like the combination of him and Ellsbury covering the Yankee Stadium outfield. Ichiro is the one they wouldn't mind trading.

The issue may be that Ichiro has a limited trade market."

And even though Randy Levine said this today, according to Steve Marcus at Newsday:
So in other words, when the Yanks realize they CAN'T move Ichiro... they'll move Gardner.

I like both guys, but I'm a Ichiro fan long before Gardy...for the record.

Anyway, that's my take... but we'll see.

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