Sunday, December 15, 2013


Because Omar Infante was signed by the Kansas City Royals the other day, (read WHO'S ON SECOND? INFANTE? I DON'T KNOW... THIRD BASE), There was an interesting Tweet that came from Bruce Levine of MLB.  He wrote:
That's right Darwin Barney. Not Barney Miller, not Barney Rubble or Barney the Dinosaur... Darwin Barney.  Many of you don't know who Darwin Barney is, which is why I made that immature joke. 

(In Photo: Darwin Barney)
Darwin Barney is a 28 year old Cub who's been with the team since 2010.  He's a second baseman and shortstop.  He's a career .246 hitter, with 16 homers and 130 RBIs.  In 2013, he hit .208.  Defensively, he's good though.  Then again, Brendan Ryan is great defensively, why are we even considering Barney? Maybe Barney Miller IS a better option. 

(In Photo: Mark Ellis)
And aren't there other options out there, maybe even free agent options like Mark Ellis that are available to play second? I mean, we spent a ton on McCann and Ellsbury and then we just stopped, even refusing to give Infante a fourth year. All I'm saying is, Levine can speculate all he wants, but the last thing I want is another infielder that can't hit. 

(In Photo: Darwin Barney)
Look, no one said Robinson Cano would be easy to replace, but the options aren't exactly extraordinary, you know what I mean?

Go have breakfast... we'll give you an update later.

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