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S.O.L. means "Shit outta luck", or at least that's what I learned it meant when I was 12 years old.  I once heard my Italian uncle say it when I was a kid and was literally baffled the entire weekend until I asked my dad what it meant.  He didn’t pull punches, he told me and I always thought that was cool that he did.

 Anyway.  We all knew that the Yankees and Mark Reynolds were engaged in talks about a possible return.  After all, Mark Teixeira is no 100% healthy, but claims he will be.  To be honest, I can’t trust that.  I would sign a backup, and fast.  Reynolds would actually be a smart signing.  He can play first base, and if Alex Rodriguez is suspended, he can play 3rd.   I know that Ike Davis is available, and he’s managed to suck in Queen recently, but he’d probably be a cheap trade and he’d fit the bill too… but let’s stick with Reynolds for a second… he’s my first choice.

According to the New York Daily News, “The Yankees have been engaged with Mark Reynolds about a possible return, but a source said the power-hitting infielder appears close to signing with another team outside the Bronx…”

So what does this mean? It means the Yankees are dragging their feet because there are a lot of money factors here:
  • Masahiro Tanaka: This is a huge money factor.  He’s going to be a ton of money and the Yankees would rather full holes and have Tanaka than spend on filler and lose out to him. In other words, the Yanks will be "all in" on Tanaka.
  • Alex Rodriguez:  I’ve mentioned before that we don’t know if he’s going to be suspended or not. If he is, the Yankees will have more play with cash.  If not, they need to be smart on their spending. 
Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe wrote about Reynolds as well, writing: “Reynolds remains an option for the Yankees, who are trying to find a temporary or permanent solution to replacing Alex Rodriguez at third base. Even if A-Rod gets his 211-game suspension reduced, the feeling is the Yankees will be in need of a third baseman to replace him for at least part of the 2014 season. Reynolds still has excellent power, but his strikeouts are problematic. Third base is also no longer his fort√©, but he could still play there if need be.”

Bottom line, I’d like Reynolds back, but I believe he’d have to be mad cheap to sign him. I doubt he’d go for it, but he should, he wasn't outstanding for us, but he did the job. Look, we just signed Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran… we need to be smart with our spending now.

Hey, can Vernon Wells play first? I'm half joking... I mean, what the hell are we gonna do with that guy?

Anyway, if something happens with Reynolds, we’ll tell you. Don’t worry, BYB has your back.

I leave you with Earmuffs... a great scene from Old School. 

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