Thursday, December 26, 2013


The Yankees have Mark Teixeira coming back fully healthy to first base most likely.   While out last season, Lyle Overbay, a last minute pickup by the Yanks, stepped up big time.  In fact, between he, Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner, he was the most impressive, performing well at the plate, as well as filling in for a hurt Tex.  In other words, Lyle Overbay was a good solider and I’ve stated here numerous times, I’d re-sign him based on that alone.  But look, I understand that it doesn’t work that way.  I get it, and so, the Yankees have probably moved on and thanked Lyle for his services.

Right now though, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, Lyle Overbay’s phone is not ringing at all.  I was surprised to read that.  Here’s Cafardo:

“Very little activity on Overbay, who will likely be a January tack-on. He saved the Yankees’ lunch last season by replacing Mark Teixeira, but for now the Yankees have Tex back and there isn’t a spot on the roster for Overbay. He’ll likely wind up as someone’s backup or a low-cost option for a team such as the Orioles or Indians.”

Look, who ever picks up Overbay will be happy with his performance, as well as his price. I think it would be stupid to not give this guy a look.  Now, let me state that I would love to have Overbay back in the Bronx, but it’s clear that the Yankees have no intention of bringing him back and are eyeing guys like Mark Reynolds who can play first AND third base, just in case ARod gets suspended.

Whatever happens to Lyle Overbay… I wish him well.  I liked him in pinstripes and I hope he finds a gig soon.

Just wanted to keep you guys in the loop.

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