Thursday, December 12, 2013


Many love Brett Gardner.  Many would rather see Ichiro Suzuki be traded instead.  I am not one of those people because I am an Ichiro fan.  That being said, it makes sense to me that more teams are interested in Brett Gardner because he's younger, a lead off guy and plays well defensively in the outfield.  He has a better trade value. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know... it's obvious.

People are been asking me my opinion about whether or not Brett will be traded.  I believe he will be. I base that on the fact that the Yankees usually tell the public what they won't do, only to do it later.  They stated they wouldn't trade Brett, but I believe if the personnel on the other end is what they need and want, they will.  It's business.

I've been asked about the Brandon Phillips rumor all week.  Him, playing second base for the Yankees and whether or not Brett would be traded to the Reds for him. It was quiet, until tonight.  Tonight, there is a nugget.  Check it out. According to,

"...the Reds offered Phillips to the Yankees for Brett Gardner, but were rejected. At some point before the offer was made, Phillips asked the Reds to open up his contract to add more money. Phillips does have a no-trade clause.

 Yankees GM Brian Cashman told reporters at the Winter Meetings he has no intention of trading Gardner but will listen to offers out of due diligence. The team does have some interest in Phillips according to Heyman, but obviously at a lower price. New York needs a second baseman following the defection of Robinson Cano and Gardner is more easily tradeable following the Jacoby Ellsbury signing."

So that's the update and now we'll see if perhaps the Yankees can still try to obtain Phillips for maybe a different player. But look... I'm going to bed... wake me if something happens.

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