Tuesday, December 3, 2013


You win a championship with 25 guys, not 1.  The idea that a team should spend $200 million + on 1 guy is absolutely ridiculous. Yet, it's happened a lot in the history of sports.  Is it right? Is it wrong? That's up to you to decide as a fan. I can tell you one thing though; Knowing what I know from history, it rarely works out. Now you can tell me that every player is different, and I'd agree with that. It's just an observation on my part, and my opinion, that's it.

Robinson Cano has lowered his price from $300 million, a demand he claims he never made. OK, that's fine, I give him the benefit of the doubt, but what I don't seem the understand is why he thinks that he's worth $252 million for 9 years... and why is that better?

The Yankees have done their best to build a reputation as the "Evil Empire." Evil, I guess because we've always paid big money for big free agent demanding we win championships.  In that regard, I've enjoyed watching new, big free agents contributing on the Yanks in their new pinstripes.

It's worked for us once in a while, but the landscaped changed the day Alex Rodriguez signed big with us.  As he started breaking down, we, the fans, and many in baseball saw it almost didn't work anymore.  Look at Josh Hamilton, or Albert Pujols of the Angels.  Players get old. Players get hurt and then that big time contract looks ridiculous.  Sure, it's a role of the dice, but now it just doesn't seem to make sense to me at least, maybe to you too.

Now, everyone would probably agree that we want Robinson Cano back.  He's been one of the best second baseman in baseball for many years.  He's comforting to watching in the field, and my only knock on him, and I'm not alone in saying this, is I don't like the non-hustle.  Read "HUSTLE" because it puts it into perspective for you. Cano's talented, but Cano is not worth 9 years, $252 million.

I believe greed kills a person's reputation. It's perception. It may not be fair, but life isn't always fair.  People see you as a selfish person. Now I've heard the arguments, but to me, they fall flat. People will suggest it's stupid NOT to maximize your income.  But maximizing income based on a fair base and being greedy are clearly 2 different things.  Now, this is business, we all get that. But like I've stated with players before, 1 player does not a championship make.

If that were the case, we'd be winning with Cano since he came up.  Cano has grown, and that's important, but it's my opinion that when your camp originally drops a $300 million demand, and then you back peddle, it's clear you don't have a grasp on your own negotiations and therefore, the Yankees should stand pat with their 7 year, $160 million offer.  It's that simple. They're playing chicken now.

Now, is Cano truly worth $252 million for 9 years? That's up to you the fan to decide. It's up to the Yanks to decide. And clearly, right now, the Seattle Mariners look like a team that's willing to pay $200 million for the guy. OK, well, if Cano wants to go to Seattle and NOT have a chance at a championship, be my guest.  He needs to put his priorities in order and his pocketbook in check.  I personally would go as high as $180, $185 and maybe top out there, but just like buying a house, you need to give alittle, and so does the seller, until that offer is met.  No, we don't need to change Cano's water heater, but I'd love to change his furnace, his fire and his leadership.  I know, I know, you can't change a player's ways, and Cano will continue to be Cano, but you just hope this free agent process opened his eyes alittle bit.

I'm a father. I'm in my 40's and I take it from the direction of having dependents, income, assets and responsibility.  Sure, that may not be right approach, but I do know this... I've been in the real world. I've seen first hand what happens to people when they see money staring them in the face... they change.  Should I care about Cano changing? I probably shouldn't care, but I do.  I do because he's a New York Yankee... home grown and a guy we once thought of as the next Yankee captain.  Whether or not that happens is anyone's guess, but one thing I do know, and I'll continue to trumpet this... 1 man does not a championship make, and greed changes a person, from the player himself, to the people that perceive him.

In the end, both parties, both the Yankees and Cano need to meet in the middle and I believe they will. But if they don't, well,  life goes on for both parties.  Hey, we've had weaker second basemen in the past and we've won a few championships doing it.  The point is it takes 25 to win it all and there will be "moments" and leaders along the way. Cano can be there, but he's got to be willing to give... and yes, so will the Yankees.

Let's get this done.

We'll have more on Cano soon.  Trust me, there's plenty to talk about.

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