Friday, September 20, 2013


You want to believe that tonight's game will set the tone for the next handful of games. The truth is, we just don't know... but what Yankee fans DO know, is that we believe we can watching what we saw tonight. It was a big win for the Yanks... and everyone looked good!

2 things happened... we had pitching and we had hitting.  I had a feeling tonight about CC Sabathia.  CC was a monster tonight, the guy we have known and loved in the Bronx for a few years now.  I tweeted this earlier tonight at the start of the game:
I meant it. Obivously he knew what needed to be done tonight and did it. You gotta love CC, clutch when you need him. 7 innings pitched, 7 hits allowed and only 1 run given up. He also had 4 strikeouts.

David Robertson came in after that and pitched a great inning. Then the Sandman did his thing, 1, 2, 3 in a non-save situation.  Why? Because it's Mo, and because time is almost up and we won't see him pitching for us after this season.  Gotta love that decision.  You gotta love Mo.

The run scoring was simple... pure power.  Alfonso Soriano cranked a solo shot out against Tim Lincecum in the 2nd.  In the 7th, ARod cranked out a grand slam.  I was surprised the Giants replaced Lincecum with George Kontos before Alex came up. Not that Kontos is a bad pitcher, but I just thought the match up of Lincecum vs. ARod may have been smarter for the Giants.  Who knows.

Alex passed Lou Gehrig for the all-time leader in Grand Slams. It's an amazing feat.  Good for him. 

Every time Alex Rodriguez comes up, I laugh. This is a guy that was dragged through the mud by the media for months. He was also suspended by Major League Baseball for 211 games...a suspension he is currently appealing.  That starts on September 30th. Meanwhile, he's playing and he's producing and tonight was huge!  Bud Selig is pacing in his living room right now because the worst thing for him is if Alex makes it in the playoffs with the Yankees.  I'll tell you, I knew that MLB investigation was a big joke.  I told you it was from the beginning. I told you that Selig would try to look like a tough guy, and that the investigation would disappear as quickly as it arrived. It did.  Now, we wait, but meanwhile, Alex is doing big things, and is helping his club.  Now more than ever, the Yankees need ARod, and I find it to be hysterical that the same people bashing Alex, are praising him for this big win tonight.  Without that Grand Slam, we are still playing this game.  With his Grand Slam, we win, we get some confidence and we come back tomorrow to continue the streak.

Final: Yankees 5 - Giants 1

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