Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I remember hearing that Brian Cashman did not want Alfonso Soriano, but Yankee brass did.  Now, I'm not saying Yankee brass are a bunch of geniuses... but they sure looked like it last night.

The Yankees have struggled, there is no doubt about it, but with Alex Rodriguez and Austin Romine pulled out of the game last night with ailments, it was clear, something or someone had to pick up this club who is currently in the fight of their life.  Last night it was Soriano.

But let's start at the beginning... Last night Ivan Nova was on the mound and everything looked good until he gave up 4 runs.  Over all, the kid pitched 6 innings, gave up 6 hits and 4 runs.  He struck out only 2 and gave up a home run.  At that point the Yankees only had 1 run.  Then, in the 6th, 2 more and in the 8th, they scored 4 to cement a win.

Here's how it went down... Alex Rodriguez doubled home Chris Stewart in the 3rd.  Then in the 6th, both Alfonso Soriano and Mark Reynolds each hit a home run... solo shots.  Then came the 8th where we came alive.  Robinson Cano singled scoring ARod.

Alfonso Soriano then hit a 2 run home run and after that, it was Reynolds who doubled in Curtis Granderson.  Talk about a terrific rally right when we needed it!

Final: Yankees 7 - Orioles 5

I believe in this club, as hard as it's been, I know they can do it.  Man oh man though... they're really making it interesting aren't they?  Maybe now they will start to rally together and get some confidence.

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