Friday, September 13, 2013


Here come the Yankees.  Another win last night and all Buck Showalter can do is kick the dirt and ask "Why? Why can't I beat the Yankees?" Now, truth be told, he's a tough manager and I love the guy... but not when he's wearing Orioles' Orange.  He's tough and Lord knows he can still beat us... so we need to keep pushing for the next 15 games and hope and pray we get to the playoffs.  I think we can.

Last night the Yankees were up and down and then tied... and then, we pulled ahead on a few wild throws and that was it.  Hey, a win's a win, especially now.  So how did it happen? Like this...

Phil Hughes started and went 3.1 innings and gave up 3 hits and 1 run.  David Huff came in after him and gave up a run as well. When David Robertson came in later on, he ended up allowing the Orioles to score enough runs and putting them in a tie situation with the Yanks.  Don't blame Houdini... how could you? Does he consistently let you down? No. He never lets you down.  Everyone is entitled to a bad game.  Last night was his... it means nothing now, we ended up winning.

Mariano Rivera ended up getting the win.  Why? Well... Here's how the Yankees scored...  In the 2nd inning, Mark Reynolds homered.  It was a 2 run shot. In the 3rd, Vernon Wells singled knocking in 2 runs. In the 7th, Curtis Granderson homered. Then, in the 9th with the score tied, Brendan Ryan singled. Chris Stewart reached on the throwing error.

Granderson sacrified Ryan over and then, a wild pitch by Jim Johnson allowed Brendan Ryan to score.  Welcome to the Yankees Brendan Ryan!

Mo then came in and shut the O's down... 1, 2, 3.

Final: Yankees 6 - Orioles 5

Keep hope alive Ladies & Gentleman... keep hope alive!

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