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It’s a word that the Yankees and former Yankees often use when describing their employment in the organization.

(In Photo: Ron Blomberg)
A little over a year ago I had the privilege of interviewing former Yankee Ron Blomberg.  It was in regards to baseball’s first designated hitter being an honorary chairman of the Damon Runyon 5K run/walk for Cancer Research at Yankee stadium.  Throughout my discussion with him, Blomberg constantly referred to the Yankees as his family.  He spoke of George as a second father, and teammates like Roy White and Mickey Rivers as brothers.

That feeling continues with Yankees generations separated from Blomberg’s version of the team.

In the final home appearance by Mariano Rivera a few nights ago, never was that more apparent than when Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter strode to the mound to pull their long-time teammate and friend. During post-game interviews, all three alluded to each other as family.


It’s also a word that aptly describes Bleeding Yankee Blue.

We are a family of die-hard New York Yankee fans sharing our passion via social media. We celebrate every victory together and we share shoulders when lamenting defeats. We’ll defend our team to death against outside critics while at the same time recognizing it’s our God given right to point out what our Bombers could have done better each and every game.

My first experience writing for my friend Casey was a piece about a spring training trip to Florida with my son Matt.


We at write about it and live it.  We also try as best we can to share it with you our readers.

For just the second time in 18 seasons we won’t be cheering on our team in October.  It’s a tough pill for any of us to swallow given the bar that has been set by our “Core Four”, but it happens.

So, now we re-group and move forward.

Sure we’ll talk about how our pitching staff needs a complete overhaul, and we’ll offer up how different a game will “feel” when we enter the ninth inning with a one or two run lead.

We’ll write about the continued aging of the players that remain, and we’ll complain about the outlandish money Robinson Cano is asking our Yankees to pony up if they want to keep him.

There will certainly be tribute pieces written for Rivera and Pettitte, and articles dissecting the failures of 2013.

That’s the beauty of BYB for a Yankee fan; you’ll get every Yankee topic covered from every possible angle, and we’ll welcome your opinions.

After all, that’s what family is all about.

--Steve Skinner, BYB Guest Writer
Twitter: @oswegos1


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