Thursday, August 8, 2013


When the walls close in, they really close in, don't they?  I am often remembered of the psychologist in "The Natural" who chats with the Knights club, explaining that "Losing is a disease" and  the whole team sits there listening to him in the clubhouse because, well, they're desperate to start winning. Roy Hobbs thought the whole thing was bunk and walked out.  Well, it wasn't bunk... it was dead on.

The Yankees were fighting at least, but sometimes in a losing a streak, nothing works.  It wasn't more evident than last night.

CC Sabathia pitched well last night, and we knew he would because he was overdue.  He went 7 innings, allowed 5 hits and gave up only 3 runs.  Clearly the Yankees would be able to come back from that, right?

For the Yankees offense, it all started with Alfonso Soriano's 2 run homer in the first inning.  In the 3rd, Vernon Wells singled in Alfonso Soriano and in the 4th, Eduardo Nunez homered.  The Yankees were on their way until the White Sox fought back.  With it 4-3 in the 9th, the White Sox struck again, this time tying the ball game.   In the 11th inning, the Yankees fought back with a Robinson Cano home run.   The win was finally here, right? Wrong.

With Adam Warren pitching in the bottom of the 12, the White Sox would not die and didn't, when  Alejandro De Aza tripled and 2 runs scored.  It was a walk off and we were on the wrong side of it.

There were a lot of things right that happened last night for the Yankees... but more wrong.  We're in a deep slump and we are falling like a rock right now.  There are many teams that can never recover from a losing streak, or a losing season like this and Lord knows we are headed in that direction.  It's a tragedy what has happened really. As a fan, you watch knowing that the Yankee can't hold a lead, or WILL DEFINITELY strike out in a clutch situation.  Fans may love the Yankees, but fans don't believe anymore because it's clear they as a team, just don't believe in themselves.  

Final: White Sox 6 - Yankees 5 

Confidence is key.  If you don't have that, well, you will never succeed.  That's not just a baseball thing... that's a life thing.  Print it and put it on your wall.

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