Thursday, August 8, 2013


Whenever the Yankees were in a funk in years past, there were always reports about a Jorge Posada "Closed door meeting."  Then, with motivation and confidence, the Yankees would win and understand that it really didn’t matter that their backs were against the wall… they HAD to win, because they were Yankees and because the silent leader Jorge Posada said so.

I would love to have Jorge visit the Yankees right now, although, after being away from the game, enjoying retirement, the fire may not be in his belly like it once was, although, I tend to doubt that. I envision him still being fierce and direct and while we will never see it happen, it may go something like  this:

Jorge: “You need to suck it up gentlemen! Are you men or mice?”


Jorge: “Wake up! You’re 10 and a half games out of first place!  That’s not bad, it’s pathetic!  You think Mr. Steinbrenner would stand for that? You think the fans do? You! What’s your name?

David Adams: “David Adams sir.”

Jorge: Call me Jorge. Sir is my dad, son. You think this is a vacation being in the pros?”

David Adams: “No sir”

Jorge: “Vernon!  You hit like you take it up the ass. Focus! If Paul O’Neill were here, he’d be all over you! You’re a veteran, a leader, act like it!”

Vernon Wells: “You’re right Hip.”

Jorge: “Sorry Derek and Mo and Andy can’t carry you!  You’re going to have to do it for them now and you can’t ride on our old championships either! (Jorge Yells) GO GET YOUR OWN!”

Lyle Overbay: “Yeah!”

Jorge: You want it? You want it Chris?”

Chris Stewart: “Yeah George”

Jorge: “Then go get it! You can't win if you don’t grind it! No one gives you anything. You want it... go get it! Success is earned! Push yourself like it’s the last game you’ll ever play.  Focus! Pay attention to what this team is! Wake up! And Robbie... Do you want it? DO YOU ROBBIE? Because you run down the line like your running in quick sand! They should fine you for that shit! Lack of hustle and lack of leadership gets you benched! Know it! That’s not how you were raised… don’t pull that shit here!”

Robinson Cano: (Straight faced and looks away.)

Jorge: “We are the Yankees! You are the Yankees! Act like a Yankee! Before you, there were guys like Mickey and Gehrig and Thurman and Yogi!  If you don’t want it, there are hundreds of kids who will gladly come in here and give 110%.  So tell me… are you champions, or are you a bunch of losers?”

Yankee Players in the meeting: “Champions!”

Jorge: “Are you?”

Crowd: “Yes!”

Jorge: Are you?

Crowd: Yes! (Derek Jeter starts clapping rally)

Jorge: Who are you?

Crowd: the Yankees!

Jorge: who?

Crowd: the Yankees!

Jorge: You’re damn right you are! Now go get it if you want it and don’t ever let go!

Crowd: Yeah!!!! (Clapping high fives.)

I don’t know, maybe it's over the top… I guess I miss Jorge.  He was a motivator, a believer, and a worker that provided results every time he was out there. But most of all, I’d want him pumping up my Yankees because there is 1 thing he had to do that many in a Yankee uniform didn’t.  He had to prove to every doubter out there that he could be a champion. He did it, Yogi Berra did it and now, the Yankees need to reach back and do it too.  Can they come back? I’m not so sure right now, but I’d rather have them believing they can rather than thinking they can’t.

That’s my take… I hope Jorge reads this. I hope the Yankees read this… Go Yanks!

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