Sunday, August 25, 2013


When the Yankees lose, it impacts Bleeding Yankee Blue.  When the Yankees win, you read more.  I see it in the viewership daily. In short, no one likes a loser.

So what can we do as fans? We continue the support and we hope the Yankees turn it around.  It's always hard to root when a team stinks up the joint, but just as quick as the Yankees were winning again, they already lost 2 in a row at "the Trop". Luckily though... we're the Yankees, and us Yankee fans... we'll, we have to believe and will not quit... the Yankees know this and they will deliver.

There are a few guys I wanted to point out this morning as you're reading and sipping your coffee.  Guys that have contributed and deserve a shout out.  There are guys that have struggled this season that I'll mention as well. But as a whole, for us Yankee fans, it's been a brutal season, full of injuries, scandal and a record that is just plain not us.  Let's start with that...

The Yankees are 7 games out of first place.  The Rays & the Red Sox are tied for 1st and we are in 4th.  Can we win the division? We could, but first we need to win games consistently, and then we need to have the other teams lose... that's tricky.  In the Wild Card we are 4 1/2 out.  There are 4 teams ahead of us.  Now, while this is more realistic, I personally hate limping into the playoffs with the Wild Card, but, you do what you need to do to represent I guess.

Look at the guys this season that have stepped up.  Look at Brett Gardner, who always seems to be in the play when we need him.  Look at Alfonso Soriano who has returned to the Bronx with something to prove.  Ichiro Suzuki contributes every single game, be it in the field or with the bat.  Hiroki Kuroda has been dominant this season, and I can't even be upset with him in his appearance Friday night.  He's literally carried us, becoming our ace as of late and I appreciate that.    Even Jayson Nix, before he busted his wrist had a pretty good run.

Guys stepped up big time and many did it when they were simply given a shot.  Look at Lyle Overbay who rose to the occasion and really has played well all season.  Perfect!  When you are given an opportunity... you run with it! He has and I'm happy he's a Yankee.

Then there were injuries and struggles.  CC Sabathia has not had a good season.  Many want to attribute it to the fact that he's thinner.  Hey, who knows, maybe it is, but why take a shot at a guy's weight.  Clearly the guy is doing what he can to better his health as well as pitch his heart out.  You're really gonna suggest he needs to be fat to pitch? There doesn't HAVE to be a reason why he's struggling you know? Why not just chalk it up as he's having a bad year.  Every big time pitcher has had one, even Nolan Ryan.  The point is, let this ride out and he's a veteran, so I know he'll figure it out, that's what makes CC so special!

Derek Jeter may finally be back on Monday in Toronto.  It's exciting because now we know that he's ready. And I don't me ready for 2 games... I mean really, REALLY ready  and no doubt he will help this club win, right now, when we need it most.

Alex Rodriguez is walking around with a cloud over his head and you know what? He hasn't done much, but give the guy a few more games, and I will bet he'll start delivering. Sometimes just being in several games consistently starts momentum for a player. That's what I see happening for him.

And Ivan Nova.  Wow, he's turned it around huh?  Hopefully he gets us a W today and we start to turn it around again.  I appreciate where he is now and where he's been. It's been a journey.

No one likes a loser and the Yankees know that.  We will turn it around, we have to, for the Yankees, for the fans, we can and we will.  We aren't losers... we're the God damn New York Yankees... we can do this.

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