Friday, August 16, 2013


There’s nothing worse than a Yankee team that can’t win consistently.  Tack on the fact that we're in 4th place with not a lot of  time left to go.  To make matters worse, the Red Sox are in first place.  I hate the Red Sox, I don’t hate people, I hate the symbol of the Red Sox.  We are the Yankees, we’re supposed to be America’s team, although, many non-Yankee fans would argue that that’s ridiculous.  They have that right, I guess.  In the end though, with the series starting in Boston tonight, one things for sure… the rest of the season begins tonight.

In years past, Andy Pettitte was our savior.  We’d lose a couple and hand the ball to Andy and he’d right the ship.  Lately, Andy isn’t Andy and the ship isn’t "right-ing" (is that even a word?) The point is, we need him now more than ever as we walk into Fenway  with a ton of question marks and a newly acquired Mark Reynolds.  We can win in Boston, you know. We can sweep them. We have the tools, the ability, the want and the need, but will we? Will we get it together?

Will our guys play their best now because we have to? Will Joe Girardi stop over managing and let the player's play?  Stop the match-ups Joe, just play ball.  Rothschild needs to hide the binder and Long needs to get these guys hitting!  Sure, the Alfonso Soriano acquisition could prove genius by Cashman, and yesterday the guy was 4-5 but the Yankees still managed to score 1 single run. ONE.  We had plenty of opportunities and nothing to show for it. The point is, Alfonso Soriano is not the only guy who has to deliver… we ALL have to produce, and tonight, it needs to start with one of our leaders, Andy Pettitte.

So, if you're a Yankee fan, do whatever you do to get ready for this series… wear your Jorge Posada jersey like I do. If you’re a kid, maybe you line up your baseball cards in the Yankees' batting order.  Buy the buffalo wings, have a brew, throw on your shirt (Click to order) and chant "Let's Go Yankees!" around your Mancave!  Maybe you make a sign and wave it in your living room if you’re not trekking up to Boston  this weekend. Whatever you do as a Yankee fan right now… do it more!  Something happened to the Red Sox after they won a few recent titles… they believed in themselves.  This year, they do again.  You can’t blame them… they’re a major league club and they will not roll over.  Well, we can’t either...we're the Yankees, remember? 

Yankeeland must unite tonight and it starts with Andy Pettitte and it trickles to our offense that is ready to explode and carries over to us fans! We need wins! We need as many wins as possible and it starts against the Red Sox tonight!!!


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