Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Ladies & Gentlemen... we have reached the point in this "show" where I see nothing right now on our roster can help this club.  I say that as a die hard fan who cannot believe the walls are closing in around us.  With wide chatter about Alex Rodriguez probably being suspended for 100 games for this alleged PEDs use in connection to the Biogenesis lab, read HERE, and the Yankees offense just sucking the life out of many fans around the globe... I have to tell you, this is beginning to look like a new type of Bronx Zoo.  Mass chaos behind the scenes and runs, or lack there off, being scored in daily Yankee games every single night has made this whole damn team a pathetic display.  This isn't me bailing... this is me pissed.  It's terrible and more over... it's embarrassing.

We had CC Sabathia on the mound tonight.  Not exactly Phil Hughes... so we expected to see some dominance.  CC went the full 9 which was great. He gave up 7 hits and 3 runs and struck out 6.  He gave up 2 home runs but only 3 runs the whole game.  That's enough for our strong Yankee offense to come back from... but we didn't, and I should have expected that. Sad.

The Yankees had 6 hits tonight. We left 5 on base and for the love of God, does anyone know how to sacrifice a run over anymore?  It's taught on every Little League field. Why the hell are we not talking about it in the pros?  And while I'm on the subject of hitting... Kevin Long... start looking for a job, because while my Yankees are professional hitters and take part of the blame, even I can see flaws as a spectator.  You gotta work with these guys because it's crystal clear to me they are seeing the fences and not seeing the men on base.  Hitting starts at home, you perfect that, anything is possible. You see the fences... you will fail...baby steps... and it's time they are re-programed Kev.

1 run tonight... Robinson Cano singled home Brett Gardner.  After that... goose eggs. I mean, Travis Hafner struck out 3 times... his job is the hit home runs... that's it!

Final tonight: Royals 3 - Yankees 1

Trust me when I tell you this... Brian Cashman is working the phones, because if this club keeps losing, there will be hell to pay in Yankeeland.  Fans WILL stop showing up to the Bronx.  Fans WILL stop watching on TV and the entire Yankee empire WILL crumble and that doesn't fall on the players even though it should... No, it falls on the Yankee brass that brought us this club. If we get fed up, the Yankees end up losing millions. You need to straighten this club out now. Trust me, no one roots for a loser.

More tomorrow.

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