Friday, June 7, 2013


Sometimes I get confused by the New York Post's Joel Sherman.  He wrote a piece yesterday called With A-Rod in MLB’s sights, Yankees keep focus on field and in it, his big thing is that no one will answer truthfully or "care" about what is going on with Alex Rodriguez.  He writes:

"... no one in the Yankees clubhouse cares about what is going on with Alex Rodriguez and Biogenesis and possible 100-game suspensions... This is not selfishness as much as survival. As Brett Gardner said, 'I am too busy to worry about what I don’t have to worry about.' Or Chris Stewart, who offered, 'It doesn’t affect us here. The 25 guys who have been here have done a good job of worrying about who is here, not who is not.'

...This only rises to relevance if A-Rod actually makes it back from hip surgery and skirts suspension. Then when Rodriguez is in the Yankees’ presence, we will see if he impacts the clubhouse ecosystem and if he can still play and help, or if he is just a 24/7 distraction. In the now, he is a detached story in the papers and on TV to this club."

OK sure, Alex is a teammate of the Yankees, but in reality, why the hell would any of the team truly care about Alex Rodriguez and his problems? I was thinking about my own job. I go in to work, I do my job with others and I go home to see my family.  Do you think I care what's going on with Hank or Fred or Martha if the operation is moving smoothly?  I don't and it's not selfish, it's life.  I've worked with some of those people for over 20 years.  I know them, they are acquaintances, "teammates" and some I even chat with out of my job, but I don't care what's going on with their life, especially if they are being connected to a Biogenesis clinic. That's their business and I sure as hell hope they aren't interested in my private life.   Like Gardner is quoted above, I'm too busy with my own life to carry someone else on my back.  So why the hell is Sherman writing this? What does it even matter?

Sure, we can sit here and assume when Alex Rodriguez comes back to the Yankees, if he comes back, the entire clubhouse would become a cancer. But I'm not going there.  I have news for you, teammates welcome teammates regardless of personal issues.  In the end, you stand together in uniform and do a job.  If Alex comes back, he'll be welcomed, and I'm sure he even has tight friends in that clubhouse, so why root against him, Sherman? Why even bother?

 Sherman closes with this:

"'We keep going,' Sabathia said when asked what happens if A-Rod is suspended for 100 games. Which is funny, too. What if A-Rod is suspended from a season he is not even participating? Is that the tree falling in the forest of baseball?

Again, he is not here. He might be in July or August, and then these Yankees are going to have to adapt to the real thing — life with Alex. Until then, this is like a series playing on the clubhouse TVs above their heads — The Hunt for Alex.

They know the guy in the pictures, but there is a season to play. So they don’t much care."

The irony of this article by Sherman? I read it... and I too don't much care about it. I can't get those 4 minutes back.  As far as I'm concerned, Alex Rodriguez is still part of the New York Yankees... until he's not. I've stated this a million times... Alex worked out a huge contract with the Yankees and yes, he's been hurt alot and yes, he's been connected to the Biogenesis clinic. But he's still a Yankee.   We also know that the players will play whether he shows up or not because the Yankees have a job to do, to win a title every year. What they aren't paid to do is care about Alex Rodriguez. Oh, and I have news for you too... the Yanks also don't care about Derek Jeter right now either!  Where's that in the article? Or, is this just another Alex Rodriguez hit piece?

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