Saturday, June 15, 2013


I’d rather knot get all tied up here. I will summarize the highlights. I braid to God this wouldn’t be a pun-fest, and will stay on the mane topic. So comb along as we look at memorable do’s (but mostly don’ts) in baseball history.

We start with a Yankee. Of course. He was also an Indian where the hair started. If Oscar were an animal, he would be a giraffe-ro.

Coco was obsessed with the space program as a boy, so he became an Afronaut.

Bronson doesn’t play golf. He keeps getting stuck between the cornrows.

Hairstyle not that bad, really, but this picture needs mocking. Add your own caption.

Such a stropping young man. For pitchers, Damon’s at-bats were salon ones.

A proud and controversial player, Ellis made many stands and statements in support of his people. The curlers won’t roller him over.

The Freak eventually turned the page, boy, and got a haircut. Stay tuned for his next contract extensions.

Keep smiling, Dmitri, you’ll get straightened out.

 AAAAAH! AAAAAAH! AAAAAAH! Kill it with fire!

Why didn’t Manny get salmon on his bagel? Because he dreads lox!

Call him Blond. James Blond. At least a Yankee never did this stupid a dye job…

Darn it! I hate bleaching about the Yankees.

Okay, this article is even making me bristle. I have been waxing humorous too long, but now I am tired and I really must weave. So I’m going to cut out of here, got to get up oily. I am outta hair!

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