Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So, a report came out yesterday and basically fingered a Robinson Cano associate as being connected to the Biogenesis lab.  OK, so... now the world believes Robinson Cano is a user and cheater? Is that how we do this now? Guilt by association?
The fact of the matter is, news travels fast, and sometimes when it does, it usually travels wrong.  Robinson Cano is clean and Cano is not connected.  That needs to be out there.  Even ESPN got it right with their headline Cano Associate Linked To Biogenesis. The report goes like this:  "The spokeswoman for Robinson Cano's foundation is listed as having been a client of the Biogenesis clinic last summer, although she denies having received anything from the clinic and says Cano 'definitely never did.'"

Now of course Major League Baseball is going to look into this matter to see if there is any true connection between Cano and Biogenesis. ESPN says: "Major League Baseball, however, has possession of a Biogenesis client roster that lists the spokeswoman, Sonia Cruz, and is investigating whether Cano had any relationship to the clinic, sources familiar with MLB's investigation told 'Outside the Lines.'

Cano has denied knowing clinic founder Tony Bosch or having ever used performance-enhancing drugs. But as his best friend, Melky Cabrera, his mentor, Alex Rodriguez, and now his spokeswoman have all been connected to clinic documents, MLB wants to know whether any relationship between Cano and the clinic exists."

I'm going out on a limb and making a statement.  Robinson Cano is not in trouble and won't be.  Robinson Cano is NOT a cheater. Cano said this about the situation, "It has nothing do with me. I'm just going to keep playing my game to help the team win."  That's the right answer.  And think about this, why would he say that if he was guilty? It just seems silly if he was a user. If I'm wrong, may I be struck by lightening. I mean, could Cano be that stupid? Could he think that he could get away with it after all these guys are getting caught?  I'm saying that I don't think he's connected directly in any way.... and I'm sticking to it.

So is the New York Daily News by the way.  They wrote in Robinson Cano doesn’t appear to have ties to Biogenesis despite spokeswoman’s name appearing in documents the following: "A source close to Cano said the player is not being investigated by MLB or the Players Association. Yankee manager Joe Girardi said he was unaware of the report and didn’t believe it would be a distraction for his second baseman, who will become a free agent after this season and is seeking a long-term deal from the Yankees.

'I hope it wouldn't be,' Girardi said. 'He has had to deal with a tweet last year (inaccurately saying he had tested positive for PEDs), there's been people talking about his contract, is that a distraction? He has looked pretty good to me. I think he's pretty good at handling things. When he gets to the field I think he's all business.'"

Girardi is right. You remember BYB's piece FALSE RUMORS DAMAGE A PLAYER'S SOLID REPUTATION, right? We take false accusations seriously here.  "Robinson Cano did not test positive for PEDs and the fact that some North Carolina reporter named Dan Tordjman could float a story about Robinson Cano testing positive for PEDs based on a rumor (said he couldn't confirm HERE)... is not only bad journalism, it's desperate." Yup, that's about right.

So, read the story before calling out Cano.  I believe him and I believe that while his associate may be fingered in this mess, Cano is clean as a whistle. That's my take.

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