Thursday, April 25, 2013


Alfredo Aceves is apparently a real S.O.B. Now look, I don't know the guy, that statement is based on reports about lousy attitude and stupid backhanded comments about his teammates, like this one from the Boston Globe who basically took his quote, printed it and it's now being interpreted different ways by the Red Sox fans and his teammates.  As the Globe had it, "Aceves blamed the strike zone of umpire Hunter Wendelstedt and wondered why his teammates didn’t give him any offensive support in the 13-0 loss.  'They got hacks. Why do we not hit? Same thing. It’s just bad today. No matter what score it is, we’ve got to get back out there and give whatever we have, man,' Aceves said.

Before the game, manager John Farrell claimed he had no issue with what Aceves said. 'I don’t know if in that context Alfredo was calling out his teammates. I don’t believe he was. There was some frustration,' Farrell said."
The full story is HERE.

Aceves probably meant nothing by that, but because of his past reputation as a poor teammate, it's blowing up in the media. Then, it's being revealed today that Aceves and his attitude has worn thin on Red Sox nation, and, they demoted the guy. says (HERE), "Likely in light of his recent performance in addition to his ongoing attitude issue..." was the reason for the demotion. There is also talk that he will be traded by there's 1 issue, Annie Maroon of WEEI reports (HERE) that there is talk the Red Sox would get nothing for him. His trade value is low. But hey, my opinion on this is simple, if you're trying to kill a cancer in your clubhouse, you get it away from your club as fast as possible and who cares about the value. You need to stay positive.

Attitude is everything.  You talk down to a teammate, or trash talk or don't slap their ass after a great play, it all adds up.  You're a team. I tell my little leaguers that.  You have to be positive.  Sure, there are rough games, but you're in it together. You pick each other up. That's baseball.

I wish Aceves well. I enjoyed watching him with the Yankees and was sad to see him go.  I hope he gets straightened out.  I really do.

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